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Allen Liu

Allen Liu

I'm a web developer for CureTogether and the Quantified Self Guide. I enjoy creating, learning, running, and karaoke =) I measure and tracking the following weight (Withings Bodyscale), running activity (Garmin 305) and blood pressure (Omron HEM-7200).

Tags: API, health, iPhone, learning, gadget, productivity, web app, fitness

Location: Millbrae, US


Withings Wifi Bodyscale

2011-05-25 05:48:17
I got this as a Christmas present last year and I have not stopped measuring myself since! It integrates automatically with their online application and there is even an iPhone app for it (it supports Android as well). The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because they have stopped allowing me to enter my data manually for the blood pressure measurements and instead force me to buy their new blood pressure monitor which is a bit pricey.


2011-05-25 05:48:17
This is a great resource for finding more information (i.e. treatments, symptoms, causes) on over 500 conditions!