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David wamsley

David wamsley

Hello, I'm David, the CEO of GravityEight; the first centralized platform for tracking all aspects of your life. I use the Withings Wireless Scale, ZEO Sleep Machine, Nike Plus, the Garmin GPS Watch, FitBit, MedHelp and many more...

Tags: API, health, goals, relationships, sleep, fitness, learning, mood, food, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, money

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Location: Marin, California, United States


Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

2011-05-25 05:48:17
ZEO is the hands down the leader in the consumer sleep tracking space and has fundamentally helped me better understand my sleep patterns and occasional sleep issues.

I've been using the device now for about 4 months and truly believe that the first step to better sleep, is to track, measure and be more aware of one's sleep and its importance to our overall health and wellbeing.