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Emmanuel Gadenne

Emmanuel Gadenne

@QSParis cofunder : 1st french spoken QS meetup group ! Web & collaborative solutions manager @ Sopra Consulting. Talk to me > @egadenne

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2011-05-25 05:48:17
The standard measure of online influence. A great way to mesure whuffies :-).

Google Analytics

2011-05-25 05:48:17
I use it for myblog and for other website to analyse website traffic. Very easy to use and vey powerful.


2011-05-25 05:48:17
I tried Mappiness during weeks. Interesting but not very fun to be prompted each day.


2011-05-25 05:48:17
Gowalla is a very funny way to share locations, discover new place and meet friends. Very nice design too !


2011-05-25 05:48:17
I use facebook to interact with friends. I have created fan pages for Geolocation tool and Quantter great Quantified Self tool. I have connected Fitbit and Runkeeper to facebook, it's a good way to interact more with friends about datas I share.


2011-05-25 05:48:17
I use flickr to lifelog. I use the quantifiedself tag to sort the pic of my QS experiments. Use http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=quantifiedself to see all photos concerning QuantifiedSelf.


2011-05-25 05:48:17
Twitter is a perfect tool for lifelogging ! Twitter is a great place to meet new friends and self-quantifiers. I connect my twitter account with many quantified self tools like Quantter, Runkeeper, Fitbit, etc.


2011-05-25 05:48:17
I like miso to share with friends on Facebook and Twitter when I am watching tv. Fun and useful to know who watches what.

Microsoft Excel

2011-05-25 05:48:17
Between 2003 and 2006, I record many personal datas with Excel : sleep, weight, alcohol, mood, cola, etc. One column for each data or formula. One line for each day.

Very useful for build your own anlysis. But not very pratical, I have to use a notepad to register datas, because It wasn't possible to open Excel at anytime of the day.


2011-05-25 05:48:17
I use tumblr. It's a good compromise between Twitter and blog. It's so easy use!


2011-05-25 05:48:17
I use Runkeeper several times per week. I try to record more than 1000 km during a year. It's a very good tool to improve one's motivation

InMap by LinkedIn

2011-05-25 05:48:17
Very useful tool to analyze your LinkedIn Network :
- see who knows who
- discover your different networks
- see the bridges between your networks


2011-05-25 05:48:17
I wear my fitbit everyday and not every night. I walk more every day to reach 70,000 weekly steps every week. According to me, mobile and web app is very easy to use. I want to test social interactions with fitbit. Feel free to invite me to join your friends : egadenne@gmail.com or http://www.fitbit.com/user/222HJC


2011-05-25 05:48:17
I use Foursquare a lot. It's a funny way to discover places, add photos on places and even discover you can meet friends who are where you are !


2011-05-25 05:48:17
Quantter is very useful for me. I use it from the early alpha version few months ago.

On Quantter, I can quantify all I want : sleep, weight, walk, activities (no limit).

On Quantter I share a lot and I meet lots of old and new friends who quantify. I help my friends to use Quantter and to quantt daily efforts to reach their goal.

Quantter has both english and french spoken cool communities. Feel free to join us http://bit.ly/QuantterFans