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At CureTogether, patients around the world come together to share quantitative information on over 500 medical conditions. They share data on symptoms and compare which treatments work best for them. They track their health and find others with similar conditions. New research discoveries are made based on the patient-contributed data.

URL: http://curetogether.com

Tags: medicine, health, web app
Price: free
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InMap by LinkedIn

InMap is an interactive visual representation of your connections that is based upon the relationships of your connections. The tool arranges your connections into a maximum of eight categories and allows the user to label them for quick reference. The algorithms and map design were built internally at LinkedIn; however, they were inspired by the open-source network visualization tool Gephi.

URL: http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.com/

Tags: relationships
Price: free
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OpenStreetMap is a site for collecting map data that is open to all users to export and reuse. Users are able to contribute mapping data to the site, and join projects organized by locality to build maps.

URL: http://www.openstreetmap.org

Tags: location, web app
Price: free
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In addition to having the distinction of being the most popular social networking web site, Facebook can also be used as self-tracking tool. Facebook has status updates which you can use to record what is happening in your life. Facebook also has a Places feature, so that you can keep track of the different places that you visit. Facebook also has photo albums, which you can use to store pictures about your daily activities. The only problem with using Facebook as self-tracking tool is that they don't provide an easy way to view your self-tracking data as visualizations.

URL: http://facebook.com/

Tags: Android, iPhone, lifestyle, location, web app
Price: free
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Flickr is a popular photo sharing web site. Since you can use it to store photos, you can also use it as a self-tracking tool if you want to use photographs as your data points. For example, you can take pictures of your daily meals or your daily activities. You can also use Flickr as a memory bank of significant events that you take pictures of. Flickr is free, but your space is limited. You can pay the annual fee of $25 to store an unlimited number of pictures.

URL: http://www.flickr.com/

Tags: lifestyle
Price: free, $10-50
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Twitter is a popular micro-blogging site. You can post messages that are within 140 characters using SMS, IM, mobile phones, and a browser. Because of its ease of use, people have used Twitter to post messages about happenings about the world and the Internet; some people have also used it to post their current status. Twitter has been used by several self-tracking tools as an input mechanism, such as your.flowingdata, tweetyoureats, Grafitter, Mycrocosm, Daytum.

URL: http://www.twitter.com/

Tags: lifelogging, iPhone, API, Android, web app
Price: free
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. It has easy-to-use features to let you see and analyze your traffic data. Installing the tracker is easy, just follow the instructions on the web site and you will have the code snippet to embed into your web pages to start tracking your web traffic. You can visit the site to view the number of hits on your web site and individual pages. You can see what countries users come from and what web pages link to your site.

URL: http://www.google.com/analytics/

Tags: web app
Price: free
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"mercuryapp is micro-journaling with analytics."

URL: https://www.mercuryapp.com/

Tags: lifelogging, web app
Price: free
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Anki is a software package which supports a flashcard based method for memorization used spaced repetition. It allows you to create decks of flashcards containing information to be memorized, and then schedules them for you to review. The review schedule is automatically modified based on your performance on each item. Anki is open source, and is available for free for all platforms other than the iPhone for which it is a paid application.

URL: http://ankisrs.net/

Tags: Android, iPhone, learning, web app
Price: free, $10-50
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WordPress is a popular blogging platform. It features free themes made by pro designers, easy analytics, and well developed plugins to let you customize your site. It has become popular as it is an easy, out-of-the-box blogging platform for those new to site design, but also features full customizability for experts. Wordpress.com is built on the open source blogging platform, wordpress.org Blogs are available for free, with services such as unlimited users and extra storage available as premium services.

URL: http://www.wordpress.com

Tags: lifelogging, web app
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50, $50-100
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