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DailyFeats is a web app designed to reward users for good "feats" by awarding points, badges, and real world savings and free items for performing specific feats. For example, a user would earn the Boot Camp badge and 23 points by completing all of the following feats in three days: !running (10 points), !pushups(3 points) and !workout (10 points). If the user were to earn 27 more points, he or she could redeem them for 50-point-prizes, like $5 off an oil change or 10% off painting supplies. Prizes go up to 250 points.

URL: dailyfeats.com

Tags: goals, social
Price: free
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Goal-Buddy is an online goal tracker and task manager. Users have the following tools: Goal Tracker, Habit Builder, Task Manager, and List Organizer. Users will name their goal (or habit or task), categorize and describe it, then outline action steps and dates to achieve to desired goal. They can let others see their goals and schedule email or SMS reminders. Completed goals earn users points that can be redeemed for real-world items like books on tape or CD.

URL: goal-buddy.com

Tags: goals
Price: free
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Health Month

Health Month is a social game for keeping healthy habits - one month at a time. Every month starts a new game, for which a user will choose 1 or more rules to try to stick to for a month. There are different healthy behavior rule categories, such as dietary, fitness, relationship, mental health and financial health. Users are assigned to brackets with people similar to them. Users get life points and fruit for complying with rules and lose points when don't comply. Fruit can be used to heal other players who've lost points.

URL: healthmonth.com

Tags: goals, social
Price: free
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Basecamp is an online project-management and collaboration tool developed by 37signals. Basecamp users can create to-do lists, chart milestones, track times, share files with co-workers and clients, and utilize the message boards to comment on progress or thoughts related to the project. Basecamp offers a free one-project trial and paid plans for $49/mo for 35 projects, $99/mo for 100 projects and $149/mo for unlimited projects.

URL: bbasecamphq.com

Tags: Android, iPhone, productivity
Price: free, $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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Google Health

Google Health is a site to organize, track, monitor, and act on your health information. Google Health helps you gather your medical records and import data directly from connected doctors, hospitals, and retail pharmacies. You can also set personal health goals and track your progress towards reaching them. You can track your sleep patterns, physical activity, food consumption, etc. You can also connect partner apps and devices to Google Health. Lastly, you can share your data with your care network: family members, friends, and doctors, so you can discuss your health goals and progress with them.

URL: http://www.google.com/health/

Tags: fitness, food, goals, health, medicine, sleep
Price: free
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Mycrocosm is a web site where people can use statistical graphs and other visual language tools for expressive social communication. People can use Mycrocosm to express information about themselves and the world they live in; this includes using the site for self-tracking. You can go to the site to enter data or use the Twitter interface. Once you have collected enough data, you can see graphs of your data.

URL: http://mycro.media.mit.edu/

Tags: web app
Price: free
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Tumblr is a popular microblogging platform. It allows you to post short messages, pictures, links, audio easily. Because of its easy-to-use interface, Tumblr could be a great tool to track information about oneself. You can write short-form posts about your activities, take pictures to represent your activities, and record sounds. Since it's a microblogging site, your posts will be shown as a list of blog posts. If you want to visualize your data, you can fetch your data using their API, which you can feed to visualizations that you make.

URL: http://www.tumblr.com/

Tags: energy, fitness, food, goals, health, location, mood, productivity, web app
Price: free
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Gowalla is a service to help you keep up with your friends, share the places you go, and discover new places to visit. Gowalla is available on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Palm. When you go to a place, you can "check-in" to track that you've been there. Over time, you gain stamps on your Gowalla passport. You can connect your collection of stamps with other friends. You can also share photos and comments. You can also experience trips organized by others such as National Geographic, USA Today, CNNMoney, and others.

URL: http://gowalla.com/

Tags: Android, API, iPhone, location
Price: free
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"Share a photo with your friends every Wednesday."

URL: http://www.photowednesday.com/

Tags: lifelogging, web app
Price: free
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"Dipity is a free digital timeline website."

URL: http://www.dipity.com/

Tags: lifelogging, web app
Price: free
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