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Growth Notes

Growth Notes is a web based personal growth tool that works by recording your answers to questions about your life on topics such as gratitude, money, forgiveness, learning from mistakes, and what you want to accomplish. Worksheets are provided for writing about your personal vision, desired accomplishments, obstacles, and goals. Later visits to the site reflect back your earlier answers to you in a structured way with the goal of helping to reinforce your intentions.

URL: http://growthnotes.com/

Tags: goals, lifestyle, money, relationships
Price: free
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KeepTrack is a generic data collection and statistics application for Android phones. It allows you to define data types, enter values into the application and then view calendars, graphs, pie-charts, lists, and statistics about the data. A pro version of the app allows you to group data types together, and add labels to specific data points. Suggested uses include recording training records, pill consumption, or cigarette consumption.

URL: http://www.zagalaga.com/

Tags: fitness, Android, lifelogging
Price: $1-10, free
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Mappiness is a free iPhone app that's part of a research project at the London School of Economics. The app prompts you a few times a day to ask how you are feeling, who you are with, where you are, and what you are doing. The data is anonymously collected by the LSE, who are analyzing it in particular for the effect of local environment (including noise) on people's mood. Users can view their own happiness history directly in the app.

URL: http://www.mappiness.org.uk

Tags: iPhone, lifelogging, location, mood
Price: free
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NodeXL is a free, open-source template for Excel 2007 and 2010 that lets you enter a network edge list, click a button, and see the network graph, all in the Excel window. You can easily customize the graph’s appearance; zoom, scale and pan the graph; dynamically filter vertices and edges; alter the graph’s layout; find clusters of related vertices; and calculate graph metrics. Networks can be imported from and exported to a variety of file formats, and built-in connections for getting networks from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and your local email are provided.

URL: http://nodexl.codeplex.com/

Tags: social, relationships, web app
Price: free
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The Locker Project

An open source development effort to help self-trackers. A Locker gives people ownership over their personal data and clear control over how it's protected and shared. Providing flexible APIs for access to that data, Lockers are a powerful way for developers to build applications that leverage rich personal data.

URL: http://lockerproject.org

Tags: API
Price: free
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iDoneThis is a simple email-based daily productivity tracking web application. Free and easy to use it offers users the ability to reflect on their daily accomplishment by simply replying to an email. Users can also view their daily accomplishments and export their files via the web. Use it to track what you get done and motivate yourself for the future.

URL: idonethis.com

Tags: productivity, web app
Price: free
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Similar to Spreeder only instead of flashing individual words it lets you skim the page with you eyes while forcing you to read faster than normal. Very effective.

URL: http://www.eyercize.com/

Tags: learning, productivity, web app
Price: free
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Trackify is a new, meta self-tracking application. It allows you to find correlations between your individual data streams, like how your diet correlates with your sleep and your mood. It also allows you to share your data streams with your friends, so you can see how you influence each other. Finally, it incorporates macro data streams, like changes in weather, the stock market, and the stars.

URL: http://www.wetrackify.com/

Tags: social, web app
Price: free
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The Memolane timeline is your guide to your online life. It shows each of the moments you have created through your online services and presents them as individual memos on the day that they were made. The unit of measure on the timeline is days – and you can travel through all the days of your life with memos on them on the timeline and relive all your great memories. See, Search, and Share your life.

URL: http://memolane.com/

Tags: lifelogging, web app
Price: free
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Similar to how fitbit, mint.com, and nike+ help you quantify your life and get recommendations, voyurl helps you quantify your online browsing habits and find new content you'll like.

URL: voyurl.com/quantifiedself

Tags: productivity, location, learning, goals, API, web app
Price: free
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