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Foodzy is a social game for web and mobile that allows you to easily check-in the food & drinks you have per day, thereby enabling you to monitor your daily food intake and keep up a healthy lifestyle. Sharing it with friends will help you discover new products, recipes and a general love for good food. Foodzy also tries to encourage long-time healthy and varied eating by rewarding you with special badges and giving you plenty of detailed food statistics to analyze your food habits. It turns healthy living into a fun game. You can use Foodzy online at Foodzy.com or their mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

URL: foodzy.com

Tags: web app, social, iPhone, health, goals, food, fitness, API, Android
Price: free
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DietPicture is a diet tracking application that works by sending photographs of your meals to a web service. This application is not yet released.

URL: http://dietpicture.com

Tags: Android, food, iPhone
Price: free
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I Move You

I Move You, or imoveyou.com, (previously getupandmove.com) is a social networking site that allows members to quickly challenge their friends to "move," whether in a physical, philanthropic or social way. Members post challenges or "activity agreements" and invite friends from facebook, twitter, or email to join the site and participate with them. Examples include "go for a 30 minute walk every day" and "go shopping together." I Move You is the first product of Contagion Health, an early stage consumer-centric health social software firm that aims to make healthy behaviors 'contagious.'

URL: imoveyou.com

Tags: networks, lifestyle, goals
Price: free
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FuelFrog analyses your gas mileage to produce efficiency and spending trends. Data can be entered using the web, or twitter for free, or using a 99c iPhone app.

URL: http://www.fuelfrog.com

Tags: iPhone, energy, money, web app
Price: $1-10, free
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StepGreen is a community site which allows people to share concrete suggestions for reducing their resource consumption. Actions are described along with their impact in terms of reduction of cost, energy, and CO2 emissions, and there's a discussion board for each item. StepGreen allows you to register your commitment to take any of the actions and then to record how often you actually take them. The site displays graphs showing the cumulative savings resulting from the actions you have taken.

URL: http://www.stepgreen.org

Tags: energy, money, social, web app
Price: free
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WattzOn is a website which provides tools for assessing your energy usage and comparing it to others. It offers a questionnaire for estimating your usage based on your housing, commuting, flights taken and other factors. You can then see visualizations breaking this information down as well as comparing it with the average, or with individual other users. There are tools for sharing your energy information on twitter or your blog, as well as a game for 'facing off' with other users. WattzOn also accepts data from certain kinds of internet connected power meter for inclusion in your profile.

URL: http://www.wattzon.com

Tags: API, energy, social
Price: free
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NutritionData is a website operated by Condé Nast which provides a database of nutrition information about common foods, including glycemic load, inflammation factor, and breakdown of carbs, fat, and protein. The site provides tools for entering recipes and tracking and analyzing your own nutrition using this information. There are also standalone tools for calculating your recommended daily amounts, recommended BMI, and searching the food database based on nutrient amounts. Additionally, the site contains numerous guides on nutrition related topics including how to understand the numeric data, recipes, dieting, and how to make food choices.

URL: http://www.nutritiondata.com

Tags: fitness, food, goals, health, lifestyle, web app
Price: free
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The Experimental Man Project

The experimental man project is a resource for people wanting to learn about personalized medicine. It contains test results from one man (David Ewing Duncan) who had approximately 250 genetic and biological tests performed on himself to examine genetic and environmental impacts. The website contains raw data from his tests, as well as numerous links to other related web resources. It is intended as a companion site to the book "Experimental Man"

URL: http://www.experimentalman.com

Tags: health, medicine
Price: free
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Mnemosyne is a software package which supports a flashcard based method for memorization used spaced repetition. It allows you to create decks of flashcards containing information to be memorized, and then schedules them for you to review. The review schedule is automatically modified based on your performance on each item. Mnemosyne is open source, and is available for free for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Data collected by Mnemosyne can be contributed to the Mnemosyne project to help with research into memorization techniques.

URL: http://www.mnemosyne-proj.org/

Tags: learning
Price: free
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ChartMyself is a web application which provides tools for recording and charting more than 50 different aspects of your daily life, in categories of Vitality, Body Measurement, Activity, Consumption, Diet, Symptoms, and Drugs. The data can be viewed as a log, or on a chart, and there is a facility for making textual journal entries. The site also contains a news feed that can be customized by condition, and a collection of articles and links on health related topics.

URL: http://www.chartmyself.com/

Tags: web app, mood, medicine, lifelogging, health, food
Price: free
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