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MileageTracker is a web application that lets motorists track the gas usage, milage, and servicing of their vehicles. Features include seeing miles per gallon history, optional privacy of data, and averages across day, week, and yearly usage. One can also see other users maintenance and mileage records -- to compare vehicle condition -- and get monthly graphs of mileage.

URL: milagetracker.com

Tags: energy, web app
Price: free
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MPGTune is a milage tracker, letting you keep track of miles per gallon. You can record via their webapp or SMS. You can view milage reports from users with a specified make and model for comparison purposes.

URL: mpgtune.com

Tags: energy, web app
Price: free
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MyMileMarker is a webapp that lets you keep track of miles used by your vehicle. It also lets you update by Twitter. MyMileMarker appears to be dead: see http://getsatisfaction.com/sidebar/topics/my_mile_marker_replacement from their forum. Users have talked about moving to Fuelly.com .

URL: mymilemarker.com

Tags: energy, web app
Price: free
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Foodspotting is a social app based on the premise of good food and where to find it. The app allows you to bookmark foods you want to try, rate food your favorites with 'noms' and find the nearest, latest or best rated food in your area. Popular food guides, dish experts, virtual tips and food guides create a great food community for all.

URL: http://www.foodspotting.com/iphone

Tags: social, location, iPhone, food
Price: free
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RunMonster is a iPhone app that uses GPS tracking to let users track their runs. It appears to be similar to the popular RunKeeper.

URL: http://www.runmonster.com/

Tags: fitness, iPhone
Price: free
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BodyMonitor is a research tool used by the GESIS (http://www.gesis.org) Leibniz-Institut for Sozialwissenschaft (Institute for Social Intelligence.) The monitor is a wearable armband, measuring heart rate and skin conductance, and is used also to assess emotional state. It uses AI and biometric data to assess emotional state of the user. It is primarily a research platform and has been used for assessing emotional states of people in urban settings. The site is primarily in German.

URL: http://bodymonitor.de

Tags: mood, health, gadget
Price: free
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hLog Health Tracker

hLog is a health tracker for the iphone. It lets users track customizable vital statistics (such as medications, blood pressure, blood sugar...) as well as generate overall reports. As of Dec, 2010, it has been taken off the App Store pending an update.

URL: http://4thmainsoftware.com/

Tags: health, iPhone, lifelogging
Price: free
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LAMSight is a community dedicated to fast-tracking LAM research. LAM stands for Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, a rare, fatal, multi-system disease affecting women in their childbearing years. The goal of the community is to facilitate interaction between researchers and LAM patients, and to provide a single common community for LAM patients. The community is built by Ian Eslick, a QS Bay Area presenter, and PhD candidate at the New Media Medicine group at MIT's Media Lab.

URL: http://www.lamsight.org

Tags: health, lifelogging, web app
Price: free
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Relief InSite Pain and Health Tracker

Reliefinsite is a webapp whose primary function is a visual pain tracker and health diary. The central feature is a body map that can be colored in to indicate pain, using different colors for different intensities. This is kept with a diary, allowing users to connect visual pain chart changes to lifestyle and treatment changes. Reports can be viewed over long periods of time and shared with caregivers.

URL: http://www.reliefinsite.com

Tags: health, web app
Price: free
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21-15-9 is a digital fitness notebook or logbook. It has several benefits over a paper notebook: - your workouts and results are searchable - your notebook can be shared and compared online with friends - pictures and video can be uploaded - goals and personal records are trackable - progress can be visualized in charts and graphs. 21-15-9 is a web app (no mobile) and is currently in public beta. Signup is free. 9076 workouts have been tracked to date. 21-15-9 advocates Crossfit methods but is not affiliated.

URL: http://21-15-9.com

Tags: web app, social, fitness
Price: free
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