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60 tools tagged "$10-50"


Flickr is a popular photo sharing web site. Since you can use it to store photos, you can also use it as a self-tracking tool if you want to use photographs as your data points. For example, you can take pictures of your daily meals or your daily activities. You can also use Flickr as a memory bank of significant events that you take pictures of. Flickr is free, but your space is limited. You can pay the annual fee of $25 to store an unlimited number of pictures.

URL: http://www.flickr.com/

Tags: lifestyle
Price: free, $10-50
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Anki is a software package which supports a flashcard based method for memorization used spaced repetition. It allows you to create decks of flashcards containing information to be memorized, and then schedules them for you to review. The review schedule is automatically modified based on your performance on each item. Anki is open source, and is available for free for all platforms other than the iPhone for which it is a paid application.

URL: http://ankisrs.net/

Tags: Android, iPhone, learning, web app
Price: free, $10-50
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WordPress is a popular blogging platform. It features free themes made by pro designers, easy analytics, and well developed plugins to let you customize your site. It has become popular as it is an easy, out-of-the-box blogging platform for those new to site design, but also features full customizability for experts. Wordpress.com is built on the open source blogging platform, wordpress.org Blogs are available for free, with services such as unlimited users and extra storage available as premium services.

URL: http://www.wordpress.com

Tags: lifelogging, web app
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50, $50-100
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MorningCoach.com is the world's first and largest Personal Evolution System bringing you the best in: Personal Development, Self-Help, Goal Setting, Self-Improvement, Positive Thinking, and Life Coaching

URL: http://www.morningcoach.com/

Tags: Android, energy, goals, health, iPhone, learning, lifestyle, money, mood, social, productivity, relationships
Price: $10-50
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Pachube is a technically oriented website for sharing data streams from realtime sensors, such as environmental monitors (temperature, humidity, etc), or any other internet connected data source. You can publish your own data streams to Pachube using their API, and you can search or brows for data streams that other people are providing. The Pachube website lets you create live graphs of data streams from public devices, and embed them in websites. Developers can use data shared on Pachube in their applications and Pachube can be configured to notify your application when certain conditions are met.

URL: http://www.pachube.com

Tags: location, energy, API, web app
Price: $100+, $10-50, free
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MapMyRun is designed to let runners create detailed maps of their runs. MapMyRun offers topographical and street views and elevation charts to get the right map for the type of run. Users can plot landmarks, such as restrooms or dog parks, as well as make notes of places they stopped to rest. Plans run from free to $5.99 (Bronze) /$11.99 (Silver) /$19.99 (Gold) per month. More expensive plans allow users to create printed maps and signature training plans.

URL: mapmyrun.com

Tags: Android, fitness, iPhone, location, web app
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50
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Basecamp is an online project-management and collaboration tool developed by 37signals. Basecamp users can create to-do lists, chart milestones, track times, share files with co-workers and clients, and utilize the message boards to comment on progress or thoughts related to the project. Basecamp offers a free one-project trial and paid plans for $49/mo for 35 projects, $99/mo for 100 projects and $149/mo for unlimited projects.

URL: bbasecamphq.com

Tags: Android, iPhone, productivity
Price: free, $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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Vitality addresses the billion-dollar adherence problem for pharmaceutical brands, retail pharmacies and healthcare providers with a simple device — a cellular-connected pill cap. Vitality GlowCaps illuminate, play a melody, and even ring a home phone so patients don't forget. They can send weekly emails to remote caregivers, create accountability with doctors through an adherence report, and automatically refill prescriptions. Vitality improves medication adherence, health, and peace of mind. Vitality's patent pending solutions offer each patient the optimal mix of intervention, feedback, reminders, accountability, education, and incentives to improve their ongoing medication adherence.

URL: http://www.vitality.net/

Tags: health, medicine
Price: $10-50
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OptiMale Testosterone Health Check Kit

The OptiMale Testosterone Health Check Kit is a saliva based test for six hormones; Testosterone, Estradiol, DHT, DHEA, Cortisol, and Progesterone. The kit contains materials used to collect a saliva sample at home, and then the specimen is sent for processing at a Wisconsin based Lab. Laboratory processing is included in the price of the kit and results can be returned by postal mail or email. Turn around time is stated as 5 business days after receipt of the sample.

URL: http://www.checkmytestosterone.com/saliva-hormone-test

Tags: health, mood
Price: $10-50
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MindSparke is a web application that provides a set of exercises, guided meditations, and brain entrainment audio tracks intended to improve cognitive abilities. It keeps track of a score that can be compared with other users.

URL: http://www.mindsparke.com/

Tags: web app
Price: $10-50, $100+
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