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FitDay.com is a food and exercise tracking platform. There are online and software options. The software is $29.95. The online version is free or $5.95/month for Premium Membership. FitDay offers the following features to help track diet and exercise. -Daily calorie count -Nutrition database -Diet analysis that shows a breakdown of carbs, fat and protein -Set and track weight loss goals -Exercise database -The ability to track your diet, exercise, mood and measurements -Report creation

URL: fitday.com

Tags: fitness, food
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50
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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a weight loss community and multi-national company, operating in about 30 countries. It has a science-driven approach that aims to help members lose weight by teaching healthy eating habits, recommending more exercise and providing support. Plans are online or in-person. Online costs $29.95 to setup and $17.95/mo thereafter. In-person varies by location. Members are provided a diet plan that stimulates weight loss by creating a calorie deficit. In the US, the primary plan offered is PointsPlus, in which members have a certain point limit per day and foods are assigned point values.

URL: weightwatchers.com

Tags: fitness, food, lifestyle, web app
Price: $10-50
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LivingTime is a logbook application for Windows and Mac (PowerPC or Rosetta only). It lets you capture photos, diary entries, and arbitrary metrics. You can then view these in calendar, timeline, and media views.

URL: http://www.livingtime.com

Tags: lifelogging
Price: $10-50
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Track-n-Graph is a web application (for Internet Explorer and Firefox - NOT chrome or safari), that let you capture data and produce column, line, and area graphs. There is an advertising supported version which allows up to 5 trackers, and a paid version which allows an unlimited number of trackers, along with the ability to import data. There is a simple cross-platform mobile version for entering data, and trackers can be embedded in other sites. A large catalog of pre-configured trackers from other users can be used as a starting point.

URL: http://www.trackngraph.com

Tags: fitness, goals, health, medicine, sleep
Price: $10-50
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DirectLabs (Direct Laboratory Services, Inc.) offers direct access laboratory testing. Health tests can be ordered online without a prescription. DirectLabs works with physicians and labs across the country, which order lab slips and perform the blood, urine, and other tests. Results are online within a few days, typically. Examples of tests include Vitamin D, Toxic metals in urine, Lipid Panel. There are also packaged tests, such as CardioPlus, which includes Lipids, Kidneys, Liver & Glucose.

URL: directlabs.com

Tags: health
Price: $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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MyMonthlyCycles is an online tool to track menstrual cycles. Members can track monthly cycles and related data, like PMS symptoms, BBT, breast exams, and weight. MyMonthlyCycles calculators help to plan for cycle dates: next periods, ovulation, fertile days, and pregnancy due date, among others. MyMonthlyCycles creates detailed histories to share with doctors and OB/Gyns. The site also offers health articles and Q&A. There is a free version and paid premium services from $7.99 to $22.95 for a 6-month subscription. Services include Ad Control, Premium Fertility, MyMonthlyCharts, and bundles.

URL: mymonthlycycles.com

Tags: health, lifelogging, web app
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50
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Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated is a US company that provides clinical laboratory services. Quest works with healthcare professionals to provide a multitude of lab tests, as well as with employers to provide drug screening and OSHA testing. From the website, patients can make appointments for clinical tests ordered by physicians, get results, and find out more about lab tests. Quest offers a mobile health tracking app called Gazelle, available on iPhone and BlackBerry.

URL: questdiagnostics.com

Tags: health, iPhone, medicine
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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PERSONALLABS provides consumers with clinical health tests, such as diabetes testing, heart health testing, and STD testing. Consumers can purchase test requisitions online, without a prescription, and locate a partner LabCorp facility near them. Tests will be performed at LabCorp and sent back to PERSONALLABS.

URL: personallabs.com

Tags: health, medicine
Price: $1-10, $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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Kill-A-Watt is an electricity monitoring device that shows you how much electricity you're consuming currently or in the short-term (a day or a week). This device is designed to monitor electricity consumption of individual appliances. Setting up this device is very easy, just plug the device in the wall socket, then plug the appliance on the Kill-A-Watt socket. Kill-A-Watt has a digital display in which you can see information about the energy consumption of your appliance. Unfortunately, there is no way to port data from the Kill-A-Watt to another device or computer.

URL: http://www.p3international.com/products/special/P4400/P4400-CE.html

Tags: energy
Price: $10-50
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Nike + iPod Sport Kit

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit is a collection of devices that you can use to track your physical activity: Nike+ running shoes, Nike+ iPod Sensor, and your iPod nano, iPod touch, or iPhone. The Nike+ sensors go into the bottom of the Nike+ running shoe which transmits your steps to your iPod. You can run and listen to music at same time. Your iPod can also tell you your time, distance, pace, and calories burned. You can also sync your physical activity data to the nikeplus.com site where you can share your visualizations with others.

URL: http://www.apple.com/ipod/nike/

Tags: fitness, iPhone
Price: $10-50
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