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Bubbletimer is a web application designed to help you track your activities in simple units of 15 minutes. The application displays an interactive chart dividing the day vertically into 15 minute units and horizontally into activities. Users can record time spent on each activity on the chart, and the application indicates how the totals compare to daily and weekly goals. The application is available for a 14 day free trial, after which an annual fee is required.

URL: http://www.bubbletimer.com

Tags: web app, productivity
Price: $10-50
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Training Peaks

TrainingPeaks is the ultimate training log and food diary developed to help motivated individuals and professionals achieve health, fitness and peak performance. TrainingPeaks Personal Edition customers span the entire lifestyle continuum from elite athletes to first time competitors and everyday individuals looking to take control of their personal nutrition and fitness goals. TrainingPeaks is compatible with most popular hardware training devices such as power meters, GPS units and heart rate monitors from manufacturere such as Garmin, Suunto,Polar, Timex, Nike, SRM, Cyclops, iBike, Computrainer, LeMond Fitness, Quarq and Ergomo.

URL: http://www.trainingpeaks.com/

Tags: fitness, goals, iPhone, lifelogging, location
Price: free, $10-50, $100+
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Private MD Labs

Private MD Lab Services provides confidential laboratory testing and personal medical information-direct to the public-empowering individuals to take charge of their own health, monitor their wellness and to assist in the prevention and early detection of disease. Private MD Labs works with some of the country's largest corporations, as well as state and local health departments in organizing and administering health screenings. They supply valuable information to patients, consumers, and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to improving health and reducing disability and death from medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and STD's.

URL: http://www.privatemdlabs.com/

Tags: health, lifelogging
Price: $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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When you think about your day or week, does it feel like it is getting "filled-up" with work? We thought so too. That's why Klok shows your time entries as blocks that fill up your days very much like your calendaring application works. Most applications just let you enter the total time spent on a project per day in a spreadsheet view. The problem with that approach is that you potentially lose some valuable information. For example, if you or your staff spend four hours each on two separate projects within a day, it might be useful to know that the time was spent in 16 individual 30 minute entries as you toggled between projects numerous times thoughout the day. By having this information, you can identify inefficiencies that might be totally lost if you didn't track this level of detail.

URL: http://www.getklok.com/

Tags: lifelogging, Android
Price: $10-50
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This is a web app to manage your stress. meQuilibrium is an individualized online environment, designed to teach you how to use your own personal thinking processes to your advantage. Every time you log in, you’ll discover more about how your mind operates under the various kinds of stress that crop up in life. You’ll get your “meQ” score and analysis of how you can improve it using a personalized skill development system.

URL: http://www.mequilibrium.com/

Tags: health, lifestyle, web app
Price: $50-100, $10-50, free
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Improves intelligence.

URL: Lumosity.com

Tags: Android, fitness, health, iPhone, learning, lifestyle, mood, productivity, relationships, web app
Price: $10-50
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This adaptor plugs into the audio socket of a mobile phone and acts as an antenna, receiving heart rate information form third party sensors.

URL: http://www.myithlete.com/

Tags: medicine, iPhone, gadget, fitness
Price: $10-50
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Livifi is a complete system for improving your health and well-being. Learn and Practice over 40 evidence-based healthy behaviors for your body, mind and relationships. Livifi pairs concise, engaging, evidence-based information with an intuitive tool for setting goals and tracking progress.

URL: www.livifi.com

Tags: health, iPhone, lifestyle, relationships
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50
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* Track, measure, compare Access detailed information, reports and analytics on your phone calls and messages. * Own your data Stop depending on maker, carrier, employer or location and start owning your communications to your benefit. * Gain new insight and control Get facts and numbers about your relationship with people and organizations, and about yourself. Features * For iPhone and Android * Centralized communications per person * Historical analysis * Monthly reports, also delivered automatically via email * Export your data to spreadsheet format (Excel, OpenOffice, Numbers, Google Docs, etc.) * Securely backup and access your data online

URL: https://phown.manybots.com

Tags: Android, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity, relationships, web app
Price: $10-50
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CareLogger is a web and iPhone app that helps people with diabetes measure and track their glucose levels, blood pressure, meals and weight.

URL: http://carelogger.com/

Tags: food, health, iPhone, medicine, web app
Price: free, $10-50
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