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Fitbit is a small device to track your physical activity or sleep. You can wear the device all day because it easily clips in your pocket, pants, shirt, bra, or to your wrist when you are sleeping. The data collected is automatically synched online when the device is near the base station. After uploading, you can explore visualizations of your physical activity and sleep quality on the web site. You can also view your data using their new mobile web site. You can also track what you eat, other exercises that you do, and your weight.

URL: http://fitbit.com/

Tags: fitness, sleep
Price: $50-100
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The Digifit ecosystem is a full suite of Apple apps that records heart rate, pace, speed, cadence, and power of your running, cycling and other athletic endeavors. Data can be uploaded to the well established training sites Training Peaks and New Leaf. The ecosystem is is split up into the Digifit™, iCardio™, iRunner™, iBiker™, iSpinner™ and iPower™ apps. To utilize the full functionality of the app you must purchase the Digifit Connect ANT+ dongle and and the purchase of an advanced functionality App.

URL: http://digifit.com/

Tags: sleep, iPhone, health, fitness
Price: $50-100
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WordPress is a popular blogging platform. It features free themes made by pro designers, easy analytics, and well developed plugins to let you customize your site. It has become popular as it is an easy, out-of-the-box blogging platform for those new to site design, but also features full customizability for experts. Wordpress.com is built on the open source blogging platform, wordpress.org Blogs are available for free, with services such as unlimited users and extra storage available as premium services.

URL: http://www.wordpress.com

Tags: lifelogging, web app
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50, $50-100
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Wakemate is a sleep system that records the user's sleep state to a mobile device and wakes the user during the lightest sleep phase within twenty minutes of the alarm. The associated Mobile App allows the user to tag the data and rate morning feel for use in online trend analysis with Wakelytics. The technology behind Wakemate is a Bluetooth™ connected accelerometer that pairs with an internet connected Android, Blackberry or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device running the Wakemate Application. The user's sleep state is calculated based upon Actigraphy.

URL: http://wakemate.com/

Tags: Android, gadget, health, iPhone, lifelogging, mood, sleep, web app
Price: $50-100
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Basecamp is an online project-management and collaboration tool developed by 37signals. Basecamp users can create to-do lists, chart milestones, track times, share files with co-workers and clients, and utilize the message boards to comment on progress or thoughts related to the project. Basecamp offers a free one-project trial and paid plans for $49/mo for 35 projects, $99/mo for 100 projects and $149/mo for unlimited projects.

URL: bbasecamphq.com

Tags: Android, iPhone, productivity
Price: free, $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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Omron full-body composition monitor HBF-516B

"The HBF-516B provides Full Body Sensing - a comprehensive understanding of your body composition to help you reach your fitness goals. Full body sensing is more accurate than measuring with feet alone. Easy to use, the HBF-516B measures 7 fitness indicators including body fat, visceral fat, BMI, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, body age and body weight." Also available on Amazon.com.

URL: http://www.omronhealthcare.com/products/hbf-516b/

Tags: fitness, food, gadget, health
Price: $50-100
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PICOwatt™ Smart Plug by Tenrehte

WiFi enabled Smart Plug collects energy usage data, allows users to remotely control power and set on/off schedules using a web browser. Users can log into the PICOWatt and turn on/off lights or create a schedule to more efficiently manage power for appliances such that they run during lower cost energy periods. The data collection function is very useful for understanding standby power and creating energy efficient schedules that remove power from devices while they are 'off'. (Device not yet available)

URL: http://www.tenrehte.com/products/

Tags: energy
Price: $50-100
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Efergy e2 Wireless Electricity Monitor

The e2 is a wireless electricity monitor for your household. It allows you to see your electricity usage on your computer, and track your carbon footprint. Energy usage is displayed in kilowatt hours, as would be shown on your bill, and by inputting your local rate, can be shown as expected price. Seeing instant usage allows you to see the effects of turning on and off lights, unplugging unused devices, and lets you get instant feedback on your energy usage. It is sold in the UK; it is unclear if it works outside the UK.

URL: http://www.efergy.com/Products/efergy-Shop-Energy-Monitors/EFERGY/Efergy-E2/pid-184320.aspx

Tags: energy, gadget
Price: $50-100
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Eco-Eye Elite Energy Monitor

The Eco-Eye Elite is a wireless electricity monitor. It's designed for domestic use, and can accept two additional supplies for other supply cables or monitoring three-phase power. It is also available in a handheld Mini version, as well as in a single outlet version. It is can be used for any power system from 90V - 250V (including the EU and the US.)

URL: http://www.eco-eye.com/products.html#elite

Tags: energy, gadget
Price: $50-100
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BodyTrace Scale and Weight Management System

BodyTrace is a combined wireless scale and online system to help people manage their weight. The wireless scale transmit weight to send results to a web service. The web service helps keep track of weight loss goals and puts them in a weekly context for the user. The service includes BMI tracking and the option for a food diary and nutritional guidelines. BodyTrace also offers a service for professional trainers to use with their clients.

URL: bodytrace.com

Tags: fitness, gadget, health
Price: $50-100
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