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120 members tagged "android"

Eric Franchomme

Developing mobile apps for runners, bikers,... using a personalized coaching based on heart-rate. Pear provides technology to measure the level of fitness and give real-time feedbacks

Tags: Android, API, health, goals, iPhone, fitness, lifestyle, gadget
San Diego, California, United States

Grayum Wells

Tags: Android, API, health, gadget, fitness, learning
Los Angeles, California, United States

Marlene Voigt

Designer and Lecturer

Tags: Android, iPhone, web app, lifestyle, gadget, productivity, energy
Copenhagen, Denmark, Finland

Nannette Kenney

I have fibromyalgia and depression and Im hoping to find out how to become level instead of being in extremes all the time.

Tags: Android, goals, relationships, health, energy, fitness, learning, mood, food, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity, medicine, API, location, web app, money
new hampshire, usa, Finland

Waldo Manuel Lavados Medina


Tags: energy, food, fitness, learning, medicine, Android, social, web app, sleep
Vanda, Southern Finland, Finland

David Alexander

Tags: Android, medicine, sleep, energy, health, learning, API, location, relationships, lifelogging, gadget, productivity, mood, web app
Reston, VA - USA, Finland

Kelvin Nicholson

Innovative technologist working as a Project Manager in the transport sector.

Tags: Android, goals, location, API, health, sleep, money, web app, mood, lifelogging, productivity
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timtastik sum

I sample life so you don't have too!

Tags: Android, lifelogging, lifestyle
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Swarna Kuruganti

I am a preventive health enthusiast, an experienced professional (consulting, corporate) and an ardent technology lover. Developing a self monitoring platform for health conditions. Tracking respiratory rate, blood oxygen, heart rate.

Tags: health, API, medicine, sleep, iPhone, Android, location, gadget, social, productivity

Mrigaen Kapadia

I am the creator of mobile app BreakFree. The main aim of the app is to help you realize how addicted you are to your smartphones. The app also gives you the tools to help you step away from your phones.

Tags: Android, gadget, lifestyle, iPhone, health

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