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Michael Reuter

I'm an entrepreneur by heart and co-founded @Datarella, @AppAdvisors and @appstartv. When I was young I founded YiGG and travelgate. Together with 2 kids and my lovely wife I live in Munich, Germany.

Tags: health, iPhone, Android, fitness, lifestyle, API, goals, lifelogging, mood, social

Hugh Hyung-uk Choi

chief maker & CEO, MagicEco future business creator and innovation catalyst http://about.me/huchoi

Tags: learning, fitness, lifelogging, social, lifestyle, gadget, location, web app, sleep, energy, relationships, API, mood, goals, health, money, productivity, food, iPhone, medicine, Android

Mustafa YĆ¼ksel


Tags: energy, web app, learning, gadget, productivity, Android

Marky Jackson

Tags: Android, relationships, API, health, iPhone, mood, lifelogging, gadget

Prestor Saillant

Tracking bruxism, allergies, headaches, energy

Tags: Android, API, sleep, health, energy, fitness, food, lifestyle

Careot Mob App

Careot - Your Free Food Journal, Nutrition Tracker, and Calorie Counter Diet App! Download the Careot App to track your calories by entering the meals you eat into your journal, using a food database. http://careot.net/

Tags: health, iPhone, fitness, Android, food, lifestyle, energy

Roxane Neal

I am a UX researcher collaborating with a cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT) interested in how apps are being used in CBT techniques, such as mood, thought, or behavior monitoring. Personally I track my food and activity to improve my health habits.

Tags: Android, web app, mood, food, productivity, lifelogging, goals, health, learning

Jodi Mullen

Tags: Android, lifelogging, mood, iPhone, fitness, food, gadget, health, social, sleep, web app

Kyle Pearce

I do quantified health and productivity training. I train people to use self-tracking tools to rapidly form new habits by measuring their progress, creating accountability systems and gamifying the process to make it fun.

Tags: health, iPhone, energy, fitness, learning, mood, lifestyle, productivity, social, goals, Android

Maher Abou Khzam

Tags: Android, goals, location, sleep, health, money, fitness, learning, food, gadget, lifestyle, productivity

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