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MorningCoach.com is the world's first and largest Personal Evolution System bringing you the best in: Personal Development, Self-Help, Goal Setting, Self-Improvement, Positive Thinking, and Life Coaching

URL: http://www.morningcoach.com/

Tags: Android, energy, goals, health, iPhone, learning, lifestyle, money, mood, social, productivity, relationships
Price: $10-50
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Honestly Now

Honestly Now is a web and mobile app to help you make excellent personal decisions, by polling your friends and top-flight experts: "What should I do?" Whether it's about your relationships, your appearance, your career, money or home, ask away! At last, your friends' opinions are quantified and understood. When our Pros, some of the best in the world, provide their 2 cents, you're provide with actions to move forward. And whether you decide to act with the crowd, or contrary to the crowd, you do it with confidence.

URL: www.honestlynow.com

Tags: relationships, social, money, lifestyle, iPhone, fitness, Android, web app
Price: free
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Insight Timer

Insight Timer (formerly Zen Timer) logs your meditations, and provides statistics and journal capability. It allows you to export your data, and also has social features. It's available for Android, iPhone and iPad, and graphed statistics sync across devices.

URL: http://www.spotlightsix.com/

Tags: social, lifestyle, iPhone, health, Android
Price: $1-10
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Wakemate is a sleep system that records the user's sleep state to a mobile device and wakes the user during the lightest sleep phase within twenty minutes of the alarm. The associated Mobile App allows the user to tag the data and rate morning feel for use in online trend analysis with Wakelytics. The technology behind Wakemate is a Bluetooth™ connected accelerometer that pairs with an internet connected Android, Blackberry or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device running the Wakemate Application. The user's sleep state is calculated based upon Actigraphy.

URL: http://wakemate.com/

Tags: Android, gadget, health, iPhone, lifelogging, mood, sleep, web app
Price: $50-100
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Miso is a web and smartphone tool that lets you track what TV you're watching. You can also share this information with friends on Miso's social network (cross-posting to Facebook) and get points for check-ins to certain shows.

URL: http://www.gomiso.com

Tags: Android, iPhone, learning, social, web app
Price: free
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Glympse is a mobile location-sharing tool. In using it, you send recipients a web link that allows them to see your location for a specified amount of time. Once the time is up, the link expires. This lets you share your location with people who don't have Glympse, and control who sees where you are for how long. It also lets you share location before driving somewhere for the duration of the drive, so you don't have to use your phone while driving.

URL: http://www.glympse.com

Tags: Android, iPhone, location
Price: free
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MapMyRun is designed to let runners create detailed maps of their runs. MapMyRun offers topographical and street views and elevation charts to get the right map for the type of run. Users can plot landmarks, such as restrooms or dog parks, as well as make notes of places they stopped to rest. Plans run from free to $5.99 (Bronze) /$11.99 (Silver) /$19.99 (Gold) per month. More expensive plans allow users to create printed maps and signature training plans.

URL: mapmyrun.com

Tags: Android, fitness, iPhone, location, web app
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50
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My Tracks

My Tracks by Google is an Android app that automatically maps your travels (run, bike, or walk) using the GPS function on your smartphone. At any time during your workout, and after, you can view three screens of data: the map with route, an elevation graph, and a statistics page with distance/time/speed/elevation data. Users can upload data to Google Docs and Google maps.

URL: http://mytracks.appspot.com

Tags: Android, fitness, location
Price: free
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Basecamp is an online project-management and collaboration tool developed by 37signals. Basecamp users can create to-do lists, chart milestones, track times, share files with co-workers and clients, and utilize the message boards to comment on progress or thoughts related to the project. Basecamp offers a free one-project trial and paid plans for $49/mo for 35 projects, $99/mo for 100 projects and $149/mo for unlimited projects.

URL: bbasecamphq.com

Tags: Android, iPhone, productivity
Price: free, $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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Gowalla is a service to help you keep up with your friends, share the places you go, and discover new places to visit. Gowalla is available on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Palm. When you go to a place, you can "check-in" to track that you've been there. Over time, you gain stamps on your Gowalla passport. You can connect your collection of stamps with other friends. You can also share photos and comments. You can also experience trips organized by others such as National Geographic, USA Today, CNNMoney, and others.

URL: http://gowalla.com/

Tags: Android, API, iPhone, location
Price: free
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Steven Dean

I lead the NYC Quantified Self. Teach health innovation using self-tracking, self-experimentation and behavior change at Parsons and NYU ITP. Ironman triathlete and endurance athlete. g51studio.com

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New York, NY, United States

Kristian Rönn


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Lund, Sweden, United States

Franck Rouanet

I walk using Runkeeper and Polar heart sensor to track my walking activity and locate my best places with Foursquare !

Tags: Android, location, fitness, health
France, Auzouer en Touraine, United States

J.b. Glossinger

JB Glossinger, MBA, PhD (in Metaphysics), is an internationally known speaker, author, coach, and consultant who is here to help you manifest what you want for your business, your organization, and your personal life. Founder of Personal Evolution and th

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lawrence Eng

Tags: food, fitness, Android
San Diego, California, United States

Harry Criswell

Mainly my exercise with CardioTrainer. I play with Google Latitude, Foursquare, and check in with Google places.

Tags: Android, fitness, gadget, health, location, productivity
Sacramento, California, United States

Jen Zeralli

I'm a data freak yo!

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Brooklyn, NY, United States

Jason Allen

Tags: Android, health, lifelogging, gadget, web app
Adelaid, South Australia

Trevor Harwood

Currently Tracking the Internet of Things at http://postscapes.com

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Seoul, South Korea, United States

Giovanni Cappellotto

Tags: Android, food, health, lifestyle, learning
Oderz, derzo

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