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82 tools tagged "android"


BodyMedia a system that give you highly accurate information on activity, calories, and sleep pattern. The system consists of the BodyMedia Armband monitor, an online Activity Manager, and an optional Display watch and iPhone and Android apps. The armband automatically tracks the calories that you burn and the quality of your sleep. The information tracked is synchronized with the Activity Manager where you can explore your physical activity and sleep quality. You can also record your food consumption, which along with your physical activity data can help you lose weight.

URL: http://www.bodymedia.com/

Tags: Android, fitness, food, health, iPhone, sleep
Price: $100+
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KeepTrack is a generic data collection and statistics application for Android phones. It allows you to define data types, enter values into the application and then view calendars, graphs, pie-charts, lists, and statistics about the data. A pro version of the app allows you to group data types together, and add labels to specific data points. Suggested uses include recording training records, pill consumption, or cigarette consumption.

URL: http://www.zagalaga.com/

Tags: fitness, Android, lifelogging
Price: $1-10, free
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Tap Log

A mobile application that allows users to log a wide variety of information quickly and consistently, and explore charts directly on their Android phones. Users are given the power to design and control the method of data-collection so that they can evolve their personal informatics system to suit their needs.

URL: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.waterbear.taglogdemo

Tags: Android, lifelogging
Price: $1-10
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Foodzy is a social game for web and mobile that allows you to easily check-in the food & drinks you have per day, thereby enabling you to monitor your daily food intake and keep up a healthy lifestyle. Sharing it with friends will help you discover new products, recipes and a general love for good food. Foodzy also tries to encourage long-time healthy and varied eating by rewarding you with special badges and giving you plenty of detailed food statistics to analyze your food habits. It turns healthy living into a fun game. You can use Foodzy online at Foodzy.com or their mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

URL: foodzy.com

Tags: web app, social, iPhone, health, goals, food, fitness, API, Android
Price: free
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Wattvision provides an energy sensor that connects your electricity meter to a web service. It requires physically proximity to the electricity meter, and a wifi connection. Once connected you can view your whole-house energy usage on a continuous basis on the web or a smartphone (updated every 10 seconds) and use this information to reduce your energy consumption by identifying costly appliances or unexpected uses of electricity, as well as to predict future energy bills.

URL: http://www.wattvision.com

Tags: Android, API, energy, iPhone, money, web app
Price: $100+
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DietPicture is a diet tracking application that works by sending photographs of your meals to a web service. This application is not yet released.

URL: http://dietpicture.com

Tags: Android, food, iPhone
Price: free
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Zephyr HxM

The Zephyr HxM is a Bluetoothâ„¢ device which combines a Heart Rate Monitor with an accelerometer to provide the user with a both Heart Rate and Speed & Distance information. This device requires the use of an Android phone and an app such as Sport Tracks or if you are an open source programmer check out ZephyrOpen (http://code.google.com/p/zephyropen/)

URL: http://www.zephyr-technology.com/consumer-hxm

Tags: Android, fitness, gadget
Price: $50-100
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BrightKite GroupText

BrightKite is a group texting application for the iPhone and Android. It is a free app that lets users text groups for free, and you can text people who do not have the app.

URL: http://www.brightkite.com

Tags: Android, iPhone
Price: free
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Endomondo is a sports community based on free real-time GPS tracking of running, cycling, etc. Endomondo builds training logs based on GPS data, which must come from a GPS mobile phone or a Garmin GPS watch. Their free mobile app is available for download on the site and through mobile stores. Signup is free. Members add friends, which they can then challenge and encourage.

URL: endomondo.com

Tags: Android, fitness, iPhone
Price: free
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Neer is a mobile location tracking tool, produced by Qualcomm. It lets you passively share your location with a private inner circle. Neer labels locations by name, letting you have automatic status updates (a la "Left Work.") Neer also features a context-aware todo list, letting you find out when you are near a task that is location dependent, like picking up groceries.

URL: http://www.neerlife.com

Tags: Android, iPhone
Price: free
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