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82 tools tagged "android"

My Mood Map (iPhone)

Beta/prototype release of mood sampling tool. Inquires about mood throughout the day and displays a pattern of emotional states and location. Intended use: Self-investigation and for research studies. Currently gathers and displays data for thirty days from installation. At installation, the study and participant ID fields can be left blank (skipped) unless you are participating in a study. Your feedback will guide improvements. It's known that this tool is far from perfect, so we appreciate your patient experimentation with it. Android version also available at https://market.android.com/det​ails?id=com.moodmap

URL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-mood-map/id449029626?mt=8&ls=1

Tags: lifestyle, iPhone, Android, mood
Price: free
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Noom Trainer

Combines the benefits of an activity monitor (like fitbit), calories tracker (integrated calorific), training monitor/coach (integrated cardiotrainer pro) and a weight/training planner. Could be great if it had the live tracking capabilities of Endomondo and the online/social portal of Runkeeper/Nike+/Suunto Movescount. But can't be beaten as an integrated fitness/lifestyle monitoring tool.

URL: http://www.worksmartlabs.com/products/

Tags: Android, fitness, food, goals, health, social
Price: $1-10
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Stay In Touch

Ever get busy with life and realize you’ve lost touch with important friends? Or tell a friend “Let’s catch up soon!” and then forget to follow up? Or remember Grandma’s birthday…two days too late? We all have people in our lives we’d like to see or talk to more often. Stay In Touch is a simple app that helps you prioritize the friends and family you care most about. We emphasize hanging out in person over hanging out online and help you easily determine who you’re overdue to connect with. Set reminders for yourself to see people regularly and never lose touch again. FEATURES: - Import contact information from Google, Facebook and your phonebook - Set reminders to stay in touch and get notified when you're overdue - Easily track when you've connected with someone and get back in touch via calls, texts, and emails - Build a relationship history and see if you're achieving your social goals

URL: http://www.stayintouchapp.com

Tags: Android, goals, health, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, social, productivity, relationships, web app
Price: $1-10
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* Track, measure, compare Access detailed information, reports and analytics on your phone calls and messages. * Own your data Stop depending on maker, carrier, employer or location and start owning your communications to your benefit. * Gain new insight and control Get facts and numbers about your relationship with people and organizations, and about yourself. Features * For iPhone and Android * Centralized communications per person * Historical analysis * Monthly reports, also delivered automatically via email * Export your data to spreadsheet format (Excel, OpenOffice, Numbers, Google Docs, etc.) * Securely backup and access your data online

URL: https://phown.manybots.com

Tags: Android, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity, relationships, web app
Price: $10-50
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TrackIgnite allows users to integrate their 3rd party health and fitness apps into one dashboard to easily identify where they need to make changes and improvements. Users simply synch their mood, sleep, fitness, and nutrition apps and TrackIgnite generates the charts and graphs for them. There is no need to export their data manually from individual self-tracking apps and upload it to Google Spreadsheets or Excel. TrackIgnite also let's users form their own private or public Google+ groups to share their tracking info with their sports trainers, nutrition groups, athletic groups, friends and even health care providers.

URL: http://www.trackignite.com

Tags: Android, fitness, food, goals, health, iPhone, medicine, mood, social, sleep
Price: free
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SportyPal is an easy to use intuitive application for your mobile phone. You activate it when you start your running, cycling, walking, rollerblading or similar exercise. In two simple clicks it will start to log and map your position, movement, distance, tempo and calories burned. It will not affect normal operation of your mobile phone, so you can still listen to music, receive and initiate calls and messages.

URL: http://www.sportypal.com/Home/Overview

Tags: Android, fitness, iPhone
Price: $1-10
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BabyBump and PinkPad

BabyBump is a comprehensive pregnancy app that keeps soon-to-be parents informed about their pregnancy progress and enables tracking and sharing the experience with family, friends and a community of moms around the world. Pink Pad is a health and lifestyle tracker with integrated community to connect women around the world. Designed with a notebook calendar-style UI, Pink Pad is simple and extremely intuitive to navigate.

URL: http://www.alt12.com/products

Tags: social, lifestyle, iPhone, Android
Price: $1-10
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BAM Labs

BAM Labs Biometric Sensor is placed under a mattress and detects heart rate, breathing rate, motion, and presence continuously while a person is in bed. Health data are automatically transmitted to BAM Lab’s Health Monitoring Services where data are analyzed and reported to the caregiver. Caregivers receive health data on their mobile devices such as smart phones, iPod touch and iPad devices, so that the caregiver can monitor a group of people at all times while they perform their daily duties.

URL: http://www.bamlabs.com/

Tags: Android, gadget, health, iPhone, medicine, sleep
Price: $100+
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Device Analyzer

Large-scale research project by the University of Cambridge, UK. Keeps track of what happens on your phone and displays data concisely on the phone and periodically uploads anonymized data to a server. Logs minutes spent talking, texts sent, data transferred, wifi access points seen, etc. You have full access to your raw data stream (including your location trace!) through the website. Work in progress and more statistics will appear on the website in the future! The researchers are open for suggestions and looking forward to constructive input from the QS community!

URL: http://deviceanalyzer.cl.cam.ac.uk

Tags: productivity, social, location, energy, Android
Price: free
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SleepRate - We Know Sleep By Heart

Based on over 15 years of academic and medical research, based on FDA/CE certified technology, SleepRate is an internet and mobile service that allows to diagnose and manage sleep using conventional widely available heart rate monitor devices such as Polar, Garmin, and Suunto, to collect the heart rate signal during sleep. SleepRate automatically records and uploads the heart rate information to the cloud. Using our patented technology, SleepRate analyses the heart rate signal and using internet and mobile applications, provides information and tools that allow users to manage and improve their sleep and overall well-being.

URL: www.sleeprate.com

Tags: Android, API, health, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, social
Price: $1-10
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