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i.strive.to is a tool that helps you define and track all of your goals, and other personal matrices in one place. See the big picture, i.strive.to helps you analyze, visualize, and summarize all of your data providing a complete overview of your life.

URL: http://i.strive.to

Tags: Android, API, goals, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, web app
Price: free
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Giraph helps you learn more about yourself by displaying information about who you are and what you do in a fun and easy way. You can track anything you can imagine, and choose whether you want to share your data with friends or keep it private. Sign up for a free account and see how Giraph can help you tell your story.

URL: giraph.com

Tags: Android, API, energy, fitness, food, goals, health, lifelogging, lifestyle, mood, social, productivity, sleep, web app
Price: free
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120 members tagged "android"

Eyal Katz

Tags: lifestyle, productivity, Android
Los Angeles, California, United States

Moses GTC

Thinking i should start to record all aspect of my life. Interested especially in those cameras that record my life 24/7.

Tags: lifelogging, gadget, fitness, energy, Android
Singapore, United States

Rocio Herrero

Tags: fitness, lifestyle, health, Android
valencia, EspaƱa, United States

Elaine Vyolett

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Tags: medicine, health, productivity, lifestyle, food, lifelogging, mood, learning, fitness, energy, sleep, Android
Wichita Falls, Texas, United States

Katie Benedetto

Hi! I'm Katie! :)

Tags: web app, mood, social, lifelogging, goals, Android
Los Angeles, California, United States

Michele Marques

I track some data about myself, but likely not as much as others here.

Tags: food, fitness, Android
Toronto, ON, Canada, United States


Runkeeper addict

Tags: Android, goals, money, iPhone, energy, productivity, location, API
Paris, France, United States

Luther Poier

Tags: Android, goals, sleep, health, iPhone, money, web app, learning, fitness, gadget, productivity, location, lifelogging
Sydney, Australia, United States

Mick Solomons

software developer, online diet coach and personal trainer. I'm interested in developing software to track strength, bodyfat and make the process of getting lean and strong much easier for people who don't want to bury their heads in spreadsheets or 20 d

Tags: Android, energy, fitness, gadget, food, lifelogging, iPhone, medicine, mood, sleep, web app, API, health, social
Gold Coast, Australia, United States

Jericho Jak

I'm trying to follow the research outlined in Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit book, and working on and tracking what I think are keystone habits: sleeping regularly, keeping a clean environment, meditating, and studying regularly.

Tags: learning, productivity, sleep, health, goals, Android
Athens, GA, United States