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108 members tagged "food"

Galex Yen

Tags: productivity, lifestyle, gadget, social, lifelogging, food, mood, learning, fitness, web app, money, iPhone, energy, sleep, health, API, location, goals, Android
Seattle, WA, United States

Michael Gillespie

Tags: productivity, social, food, learning, goals, Android
Los Angeles, California, United States

Johan Rooms

Self-tracking since January 2012 and managed to lose weight and get fit by slightly changing my lifestyle. my website http://www.johanrooms.com self-tracking tool http://www.lifetweaker.com

Tags: productivity, lifestyle, lifelogging, social, food, fitness, learning, mood, goals, sleep, health, API, iPhone, web app
Tokyo, Japan, United States

Ben Holt

I'm a blogger, podcaster, and internet business guy. I'm big on personal development and hope to use principles of self-measurement to improve my mind, body, businesses, and life.

Tags: goals, location, relationships, sleep, health, energy, money, web app, productivity, lifestyle, food, social, fitness, learning, mood
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

42goals Support

42goals is a simple tool for tracking your daily goals and keeping a log of your daily activities.

Tags: relationships, location, productivity, lifestyle, gadget, social, lifelogging, food, mood, learning, fitness, web app, money, iPhone, energy, sleep, medicine, health, API, goals, Android
Tokyo, Japan, United States

Petteri Lahtela

I am a medical/health/wellness technology specialist and entrepreneour. I am willing to utilize applicable technology, tools & gadgets for self monitoring/care and to develop services/tools for people to bring them more awareness of their well-being.

Tags: gadget, web app, API, money, learning, mood, social, lifelogging, productivity, lifestyle, food, iPhone, energy, health, sleep
Oulu, Finland, United States

Yago Veith

Hi I'm from Zurich in Switzerland and track all my fitness & health related activities @dacadoo. I also work for the swiss mobile health start-up called dacadoo. I'm also active on social media platforms such as 4SQ and twitter. www.yago1.com

Tags: productivity, learning, lifestyle, medicine, location, web app, gadget, social, fitness, health, food, lifelogging
Zurich, Switzerland, United States

Jake Kaskey

Tags: health, productivity, lifestyle, gadget, food, social, lifelogging, mood, fitness, learning, money, web app, iPhone, goals
Philadelphia, PA, United States

Tudor Serban

Tags: health, web app, money, food, lifelogging, learning, mood, lifestyle, productivity, social, sleep, goals, Android
Bucharest, Romania, United States

Michael Bigelow

Retired at 49...I finally have time to manage my time and health.

Tags: productivity, lifestyle, gadget, social, lifelogging, food, web app, money, energy, goals, location, relationships, sleep, medicine, health
Grand Rapids, MI, United States