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108 members tagged "food"

Jeffrey Saunier

early 50s construction worker just starting out, wanting to help my physician help me stay healthy.

Tags: mood, learning, health, web app, social, food, fitness, iPhone, energy, sleep
Los Angeles, California, United States

George Smith

Technology entrepreneur and writer. Love to find ways to integrate great technology into our daily lives..."naturally" The best use of killer technology is when you don't even know it's there and your life gets a little better and easier!

Tags: relationships, goals, social, productivity, lifestyle, gadget, lifelogging, food, learning, fitness, web app, iPhone, energy, API, health, medicine, sleep, Android
Dallas TX, United States

Sunil Gunderia

Tracking health (calories, exercise, food consumption) using self input iPhone apps. Avid user of foursquare. Interested in automated capture of behavior data. Professionally I am an advisor to @appshed, @itouchbooks, @happytoymachine & @storybricks. M

Tags: gadget, lifestyle, social, money, relationships, Android, iPhone, productivity, food, learning, fitness, health, location
Los Angeles, California, United States

Joshua J. Armstrong

PhD student in Aging, Health and Well-being. School of Public Health and Health Systems University of Waterloo

Tags: social, sleep, medicine, goals, health, energy, fitness, learning, gadget, food, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity, Android
Los Angeles, California, United States

Mallory Leone

Tags: lifestyle, food, learning, fitness, Android, iPhone, energy, health, goals
San Francisco, California, United States

Scott Taylor

Tags: gadget, productivity, lifelogging, food, mood, fitness, web app, money, sleep, health, location, Android
Plano, TX, United States

Kon Berg

Konstantin Augemberg is on a mission to demonstrate empirically that everything in his everyday life can be quantified and tracked on a regular basis. In his blog Measured Me (www.measuredme.com) he documents his self-tracking experiences, observations an

Tags: location, relationships, money, mood, social, productivity, lifestyle, gadget, food, learning, fitness, iPhone, sleep, health
New York City, NY, United States

Philippe Furlan

Share your Lifestyle Change. founder of http://healthyGr.am

Tags: lifestyle, social, lifelogging, food, mood, learning, fitness, energy, iPhone, API, health, sleep, goals
San Francisco, California, United States

Ro-el Cordero

Tags: food, web app, money, mood, learning, energy, health, medicine, sleep, relationships, goals, gadget, lifelogging, fitness
Los Angeles, California, United States

Yannick Taes

Tags: web app, lifelogging, food, medicine, health
Los Angeles, California, United States