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Withings Wifi Bodyscale

Withings Wifi Bodyscale is a digital wireless body fat monitor and scale. Withings uses a wifi connection to directly transmit body fat and weight data to your online account or to your iPhone. You can share the data on Facebook and Twitter or give to your healthcare provider. The scale is powered by four AAA batteries. It costs $159 and ships from Paris, France. Up to 8 users are supported.

URL: withings.com

Tags: API, gadget
Price: $100+
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Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

A wireless headband, bedside display, set of online analytical tools, and an email-based personalized sleep coaching program.

URL: http://myzeo.com

Tags: sleep, health, gadget
Price: $100+
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HeartMath Stress Reduction Tools

HeartMath provides tools for monitoring heart rate variability, along with software, books, and audio materials for using this information as part of a stress reduction program. The monitoring device is called the emWave2, and it is capable of acting as a portable recording monitor with a built in display as well as connecting to a PC for real-time display of heart rhythms.

URL: http://www.heartmath.com/

Tags: mood, lifestyle, health, gadget
Price: $100+
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Wakemate is a sleep system that records the user's sleep state to a mobile device and wakes the user during the lightest sleep phase within twenty minutes of the alarm. The associated Mobile App allows the user to tag the data and rate morning feel for use in online trend analysis with Wakelytics. The technology behind Wakemate is a Bluetooth™ connected accelerometer that pairs with an internet connected Android, Blackberry or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device running the Wakemate Application. The user's sleep state is calculated based upon Actigraphy.

URL: http://wakemate.com/

Tags: Android, gadget, health, iPhone, lifelogging, mood, sleep, web app
Price: $50-100
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Omron full-body composition monitor HBF-516B

"The HBF-516B provides Full Body Sensing - a comprehensive understanding of your body composition to help you reach your fitness goals. Full body sensing is more accurate than measuring with feet alone. Easy to use, the HBF-516B measures 7 fitness indicators including body fat, visceral fat, BMI, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, body age and body weight." Also available on Amazon.com.

URL: http://www.omronhealthcare.com/products/hbf-516b/

Tags: fitness, food, gadget, health
Price: $50-100
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the Basis Band is the world’s first connected health and heart rate monitor wearable on the wrist. Convenient and customizable, the multi-sensor Basis Band collects data like heart rate, calories burned, physical activity and sleep patterns. It links wirelessly to your personal dashboard where you can easily view performance, share data, earn rewards, and engage with the Basis community

URL: http://mybasis.com

Tags: fitness, gadget, health
Price: $100+
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Efergy e2 Wireless Electricity Monitor

The e2 is a wireless electricity monitor for your household. It allows you to see your electricity usage on your computer, and track your carbon footprint. Energy usage is displayed in kilowatt hours, as would be shown on your bill, and by inputting your local rate, can be shown as expected price. Seeing instant usage allows you to see the effects of turning on and off lights, unplugging unused devices, and lets you get instant feedback on your energy usage. It is sold in the UK; it is unclear if it works outside the UK.

URL: http://www.efergy.com/Products/efergy-Shop-Energy-Monitors/EFERGY/Efergy-E2/pid-184320.aspx

Tags: energy, gadget
Price: $50-100
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Eco-Eye Elite Energy Monitor

The Eco-Eye Elite is a wireless electricity monitor. It's designed for domestic use, and can accept two additional supplies for other supply cables or monitoring three-phase power. It is also available in a handheld Mini version, as well as in a single outlet version. It is can be used for any power system from 90V - 250V (including the EU and the US.)

URL: http://www.eco-eye.com/products.html#elite

Tags: energy, gadget
Price: $50-100
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A&D Weighing

A&D Weighing provides professional grade measurement tools, specializing in electronic balances, digital scales, weighing indicators, and viscometers. These appear to be designed for a laboratory or other professional context. They do not appear to be designed as hobbyist or consumer tools. The context appears to be precision shipping / packing operations, where precision weighing is important, or pharamceutical and biotech firms.

URL: andonline.com/weighing

Tags: gadget
Price: $100+
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Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 BodyFat Calipers

The Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 are a set of calipers designed for measuring bodyfat percentage. This enables at home testing of bodyfat percentage, enabling it to be tracked and hacked. Their is a higher end version (at $50, compared to the analog at $20) which includes a digital readout.

URL: http://www.accumeasurefitness.com/products/fitness3000.html

Tags: gadget, fitness, health
Price: $10-50
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112 members tagged "gadget"

Allen Liu

I'm a web developer for CureTogether and the Quantified Self Guide. I enjoy creating, learning, running, and karaoke =) I measure and tracking the following weight (Withings Bodyscale), running activity (Garmin 305) and blood pressure (Omron HEM-7200).

Tags: API, health, iPhone, learning, gadget, productivity, web app, fitness
Millbrae, US

Eri Geometry

founder of BioCurious, a hackerspace for bio, and community manager of Genomera, an Open Health Studies platform that's rocking the Health 2.0 community QS review guide and blogger for #QS2011. starting QS offshoot meetup soon and organizing July meetup

Tags: medicine, health, Android, gadget, fitness, food, social, sleep
Mountain View, California, United States

John Amschler

Hi I'm a Wireless Technology Designer who likes to make great technology useful for everyone! I track Sleep, Activity, Weight, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Variability, Location, Computer time and other data using Zeo, BodyMedia Fit, Digifit, Withings, Pol

Tags: fitness, food, lifelogging, lifestyle, mood, money, sleep, location, health, iPhone, energy, relationships, productivity, gadget
San Diego, California, United States

Dan Dascalescu

CTO Blueseed, the first startup community on a cruise ship, in international waters outside US jurisdiction, 30 minutes by ferry from Silicon Valley. Tracking body composition, exercise, food intake, sleep.

Tags: Android, fitness, productivity, sleep, learning, food, health, gadget, web app, social, lifestyle, relationships
Silicon Valley, California, United States

David wamsley

Hello, I'm David, the CEO of GravityEight; the first centralized platform for tracking all aspects of your life. I use the Withings Wireless Scale, ZEO Sleep Machine, Nike Plus, the Garmin GPS Watch, FitBit, MedHelp and many more...

Tags: API, health, goals, relationships, sleep, fitness, learning, mood, food, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, money
Marin, California, United States

Jeff Heath

Tags: iPhone, productivity, gadget, fitness
Chicago, IL, United States

Martijn Aslander

Setting things in motion.Doing this by solving problems, creating opportunities. Manically positive. Explorer of the network and information age. Co-founder of lifehacking.nl, 7 days of inspiration, quantified self Europe and co-author of the book "Easyc

Tags: goals, relationships, health, iPhone, energy, web app, fitness, lifestyle, gadget, productivity, social, lifelogging, mood, learning
Groningen, The Netherlands, United States

Emmanuel Gadenne

@QSParis cofunder : 1st french spoken QS meetup group ! Web & collaborative solutions manager @ Sopra Consulting. Talk to me > @egadenne

Tags: goals, location, relationships, sleep, iPhone, web app, mood, fitness, lifestyle, lifelogging, social, learning, API, health, medicine, food, productivity, Android, energy, money, gadget
Paris, France, United States

Beau Gunderson

Interested in sleep tracking, mapping/geography, and data visualization. http://www.beaugunderson.com/

Tags: API, medicine, location, sleep, health, iPhone, energy, learning, mood, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity
Seattle, Washington, United States

Christopher Hamersley

Tags: Android, health, sleep, fitness, learning, lifelogging, food, gadget, productivity
Vancouver, British Columbia, United States

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