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43 tools tagged "gadget"

BodyKey Adaptive Fitness Tracker

BodyKey is a two-part system: a physical device you keep with you, and a web app online. The physical device carries a urinalysis slot, designed to measure fat loss. Urine analysis is done with disposable cartridges. The key idea is to use urine analysis as a way to personalize efforts towards fat loss -- helping people figure out what works for them. BodyKey is not yet to market and at 3/2011 appears to still be in development.

URL: mybodykey.com

Tags: lifestyle, health, gadget, food, fitness
Price: $100+
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BodyTrace Scale and Weight Management System

BodyTrace is a combined wireless scale and online system to help people manage their weight. The wireless scale transmit weight to send results to a web service. The web service helps keep track of weight loss goals and puts them in a weekly context for the user. The service includes BMI tracking and the option for a food diary and nutritional guidelines. BodyTrace also offers a service for professional trainers to use with their clients.

URL: bodytrace.com

Tags: fitness, gadget, health
Price: $50-100
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Polar Heart Rate Monitor RS800CX

The Polar RS800CX is a Heart Rate Monitor for the detailed data collector. It records inter-beat measurement which can be used for HRV analysis. GPS, Running and Cycling Cadence accessories are available, and all data is uploaded to the Polar ProTrainer 5 Software for analysis. The RS800CX is one of Polar's more complex and top of the line heart rate monitors.

URL: http://www.polarusa.com/us-en/products/maximize_performance/running_multisport/RS800CX

Tags: fitness, gadget, lifelogging
Price: $100+
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Zephyr HxM

The Zephyr HxM is a Bluetooth™ device which combines a Heart Rate Monitor with an accelerometer to provide the user with a both Heart Rate and Speed & Distance information. This device requires the use of an Android phone and an app such as Sport Tracks or if you are an open source programmer check out ZephyrOpen (http://code.google.com/p/zephyropen/)

URL: http://www.zephyr-technology.com/consumer-hxm

Tags: Android, fitness, gadget
Price: $50-100
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BodyMonitor is a research tool used by the GESIS (http://www.gesis.org) Leibniz-Institut for Sozialwissenschaft (Institute for Social Intelligence.) The monitor is a wearable armband, measuring heart rate and skin conductance, and is used also to assess emotional state. It uses AI and biometric data to assess emotional state of the user. It is primarily a research platform and has been used for assessing emotional states of people in urban settings. The site is primarily in German.

URL: http://bodymonitor.de

Tags: mood, health, gadget
Price: free
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AgaMatrix WaveSense Keynote

The AgaMatrix WaveSense Keynote is blood glucose monitor. It features minimal blood draws (.5 uL of blood), and alternate site testing (for forearm and palm testing.) AgaMatrix is currently working on an iPhone adapter for their products.

URL: http://www.wavesense.info/wavesense-keynote

Tags: lifelogging, health, gadget
Price: $10-50
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AgaMatrix WaveSense Direct Connect

The AgaMatrix WaveSense Direct Connect product allows blood glucose monitoring to be connected directly to the iPhone. This allows for seamless data tracking and sharing of diabetic data. It is not yet released, as of 3 / 2011, but a sign-up list is here: http://www.wavesense.info/iphone

URL: http://www.wavesense.info/iphone

Tags: lifelogging, iPhone, health, gadget
Price: $10-50
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Lena Baby Monitor

The LENA Baby Monitor measures the number of words your child hears per day. LENA stands for Language Environment Analysis -- it uses digital signal processing to to parse conversation into words. The hardware is a small, pocket-sized unit that the child keeps in a pocket that logs words heard per day. For a small fee, you can get a "developmental snapshot" -- showing how your child's development compares to others in terms of expressive and receptive language output.

URL: http://www.lenababy.com

Tags: gadget, health, learning
Price: $100+
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The SenseWear Armband by BodyMedia is a physical activity monitor meant for use by patients whose doctors wish to track their movement outside the office. SenseWear contains an accelerometer to measure motion and steps, a galvanic skin response monitor to measure the electrical conductivity of the skin, skin temperature, and heat flux - the amount of heat dissipating from the body. SenseWear holds up to 28 days of data, which can only be analyzed on the SenseWear Professional Software package.

URL: sensewear.bodymedia.com

Tags: gadget, health, medicine
Price: $100+
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The Crescendo Project

"The Crescendo Project is an automated praise-singing machine that is triggered at the completion of a race when a runner crosses the finish line and it sings his/her name to the melody of Handel’s Hallelujah."

URL: http://www.thecrescendoproject.com/

Tags: fitness, gadget, health
Price: free
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112 members tagged "gadget"

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier

I'm co-founder of Carré Technologies (wearable sensors) and organizer of QS Montréal.

Tags: Android, iPhone, gadget, lifelogging, fitness, health, medicine, sleep, API, mood
Montréal, Québec, United States

Bob Lew

Tags: fitness, health, medicine, sleep, gadget, location, iPhone, food, learning, lifestyle, productivity
Honolulu, HI, United States

Misha Chellam

My name is Misha. I love the people / energy / ideas of the Quantified Self. My contribution to the group is to build the medical tricorder with the Scanadu team.

Tags: health, medicine, goals, API, gadget, learning, iPhone
Brussel, Belgium

David Rose

I'm interested in the device + service combinations that are so easy to adopt that they may scale to large populations and affect real change--like seatbelts. Blogging about design principles for connected health here: http://www.roseology.com

Tags: medicine, health, social, lifestyle, relationships, goals, mood, gadget
Los Angeles, California, United States

Burt Lum

Digital Ronin interested in the Quantified World

Tags: location, health, energy, iPhone, fitness, lifelogging, social, food, gadget, lifestyle, productivity, sleep
Honolulu, HI, United States

Isabel Merritt

Student keeping track of mainly food, health, money, fitness, and sleep among other things. I love data vis. and charts and graphs! @izzyiz20 on twitter.

Tags: fitness, food, gadget, goals, health, iPhone, learning, location, sleep, web app, money
Oakland, California, United States

Jakob Eg Larsen

associate professor in cognitive systems at the technical university of denmark with interests in augmented cognition, lifelogging, personal informatics, human-computer interaction, and user experience

Tags: lifelogging, social, gadget, medicine, sleep, health, relationships, location, productivity, goals, Android, API, learning
Copenhagen, Denmark, United States

Robert Barat

Tags: iPhone, learning, mood, lifelogging, gadget, food, fitness, sleep, relationships, location, social
New York, NY, United States

Jeroen Brouwer

Tracking my activity with a variety of tools. Many running tools, but also cycling. I do M&S of Philips DirectLife in the USA. I am also interested in other biometric measurement tools, and how it can help give insight in health as well as improve it.

Tags: fitness, API, food, gadget, health, iPhone, learning, lifestyle, social, mood, medicine, sleep, web app
Los Altos, California

Steven Dean

I lead the NYC Quantified Self. Teach health innovation using self-tracking, self-experimentation and behavior change at Parsons and NYU ITP. Ironman triathlete and endurance athlete. g51studio.com

Tags: health, medicine, relationships, location, goals, money, sleep, API, iPhone, fitness, mood, food, social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity, Android, web app, lifelogging, learning, energy
New York, NY, United States

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