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BAM Labs

BAM Labs Biometric Sensor is placed under a mattress and detects heart rate, breathing rate, motion, and presence continuously while a person is in bed. Health data are automatically transmitted to BAM Lab’s Health Monitoring Services where data are analyzed and reported to the caregiver. Caregivers receive health data on their mobile devices such as smart phones, iPod touch and iPad devices, so that the caregiver can monitor a group of people at all times while they perform their daily duties.

URL: http://www.bamlabs.com/

Tags: Android, gadget, health, iPhone, medicine, sleep
Price: $100+
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Symphony tCGM System

Echo's lead program in analyte monitoring is focused on glucose and utilizes the Symphony® tCGM System, a non-invasive (needle-free), wireless, transdermal continuous glucose monitoring system designed to provide accurate, real-time blood glucose data conveniently, continuously and cost-effectively. Symphony incorporates Prelude, our proprietary skin permeation device, a transdermal sensor, wireless tranceiver and data display technologies.

URL: http://www.echotx.com/symphony-tcgm-system.shtml

Tags: food, gadget, health, medicine
Price: $100+
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Fitlinxx Actiped

ActiHealth is a personal activity and health tracking solution consisting of wireless activity sensors, wireless medical devices and a web site. The web site captures and displays real-time data from FitLinxx’s all-day activity tracking device, called the ActiPed+, and from medical devices that have been enabled with FitLinxx’s BodyLAN™ wireless technology. The ActiPed+ is a very small, wireless activity sensor that clips onto any shoe and accurately tracks steps, distance traveled, calories burned and activity time. Additionally, the ActiScale, a wireless weight scale, and ActiPressure, a wireless Blood Pressure monitor, can be added for enhanced weight and blood pressure management. The data from all ActiHealth devices is sent wirelessly to www.actihealth.com where members create a personal web site by choosing from a variety of engaging applications that allow them to track their data, set goals, create contests and join communities.

URL: Fitlinxx.com

Tags: fitness, gadget, iPhone
Price: $50-100
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112 members tagged "gadget"

Matthew Bright

Sydneysider relocating to Amsterdam mid-September, with experience and interest in personalised medicine, e-commerce and venture capital.

Tags: health, medicine, sleep, money, energy, fitness, learning, social, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity, gadget
Sydne, Australia

Bernard McCarty

Tags: Android, health, sleep, money, fitness, energy, gadget, food
Los Angeles, California, United States

Bo Begole

I conduct research in ubiquitous computing applications, including sensors for detecting and predicting location and activity.

Tags: Android, fitness, iPhone, API, goals, location, learning, lifelogging, lifestyle, gadget, productivity
Los Alto, California

Richard Margolin

Tags: iPhone, mood, lifelogging, food, fitness, gadget, energy, sleep
Los Angeles, California, United States

Hugo Campos

ICD patient on a quest for access to the data collected by my implantable electronic cardiac defibrillator. Passionate about connected health.

Tags: iPhone, API, goals, gadget, web app
Oakland, California, United States

Niren Hiro

Tags: money, mood, fitness, energy, food, gadget, goals, social, productivity, sleep, medicine, health, iPhone, web app
Mountain View, California, United States

Florian Schumacher

I am a tech enthusiast, like personal development and write about these topics on www.igrowdigital.com

Tags: fitness, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity, iPhone, sleep, gadget, goals, mood, location
Munich, ünchen

Core Bore

Tags: Android, location, goals, health, sleep, medicine, energy, money, web app, learning, mood, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity
Los Angeles, California, United States

Леха Мельников

I'm a blogger. I measure and tracking activitye, sleep with Fitbit Ultra, Adidas miCoach for iPhone, YourFlowingData, WriteRoom.

Tags: health, sleep, iPhone, money, fitness, mood, lifelogging, gadget, productivity
Volgograd, Russia, United States

Daniel Reeves

Co-founder of Beeminder.com.

Tags: Android, API, goals, health, money, web app, fitness, lifelogging, gadget, lifestyle, productivity
, United States