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112 members tagged "gadget"

Kostas Augemberg

Tags: lifelogging, social, productivity, gadget, lifestyle, food, mood, learning, iPhone, money, goals, sleep, medicine, relationships, location, health, fitness
New York, New York, United States

Moses GTC

Thinking i should start to record all aspect of my life. Interested especially in those cameras that record my life 24/7.

Tags: lifelogging, gadget, fitness, energy, Android
Singapore, United States

Luther Poier

Tags: Android, goals, sleep, health, iPhone, money, web app, learning, fitness, gadget, productivity, location, lifelogging
Sydney, Australia, United States

Stuart Calimport

Quantifying memome, memetic evolution, rate of memome evolution, genome, blood chemistry, telomere length, heart rate, nutrition, behaviourome, behaviourome evolution, web analytics, ome interactions, co-optimisation of omes, speed, power, strength

Tags: fitness, food, lifestyle, productivity, social, location, goals, health, medicine, sleep, mood, learning, gadget, energy, API, money
UK, United States

Mick Solomons

software developer, online diet coach and personal trainer. I'm interested in developing software to track strength, bodyfat and make the process of getting lean and strong much easier for people who don't want to bury their heads in spreadsheets or 20 d

Tags: Android, energy, fitness, gadget, food, lifelogging, iPhone, medicine, mood, sleep, web app, API, health, social
Gold Coast, Australia, United States

Siegfried Muhr

Tags: iPhone, health, medicine, sleep, lifestyle, gadget, fitness, food, location, goals, money, energy, API, social, mood, productivity
Los Angeles, California, United States

Timothy Summers

I am interested self-amplification and am tracking diet, mood, meditation sleep and a few other projects are in the works.

Tags: Android, goals, energy, fitness, learning, mood, social, lifelogging, food, gadget, lifestyle, productivity, health, sleep, relationships
Los Angeles, California, United States

Bob Versteeg

Old profile, some of the apps/devices that I reviewed, updated already and my expierences with it are no longer accurate, didn't find time to update the reviews yet. Track and Hack is a new project i'm working on.

Tags: Android, goals, location, productivity, lifestyle, lifelogging, gadget, mood, sleep, food, learning, energy, iPhone, fitness, social, web app, health
's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, United States

Edwin van der Schoot

Wants to make people happy through Quantified Self. Works together with Bob Versteeg. Recent project: www.quantifiedjan.nl Currently working on a cool new happiness app and a online magazine: Track and Hack. Check it out!

Tags: Android, goals, location, sleep, iPhone, learning, mood, fitness, food, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity, health
The Netherlands, United States

Adrian Tritschler

Use emacs and org-mode with what started as a work log and has evolved into a haphazard mix of life logging and self tracking.

Tags: Android, location, fitness, learning, lifelogging, gadget, productivity
Melbourne, Australia, United States