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87 tools tagged "goals"


Fluxtream is a personal analytics tool that helps you track your daily habits, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and get a comprehensive view on your self-tracking devices and the services that you use to organize your life.

URL: http://fluxtream.com/

Tags: goals, lifelogging, web app
Price: free
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TallyZoo is an easy way to collect data about yourself. You can track any type of data using their mobile phone or web site. You can view your data using their interactive graphs to spot trends and patterns. They also have dashboards, so you can organize your visualizations to what is the most important to you. You can also share your data or keep it private.

URL: http://tallyzoo.com/

Tags: Android, fitness, food, goals, health, iPhone, mood, productivity, web app
Price: free
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DailyMile is social workout-sharing site geared toward currently active people who want to give and get encouragement from the community. Users can add workouts manually--with photos and videos--or upload workouts from devices. Workouts will automatically be mapped. DailyMile integrates with Garmin devices, Nike+, iPhone and Android. DailyMile syncs easily with Twitter and Facebook. Signup is free. Users can easily see others workouts and post encouragement, similar to commenting on friends' posts on Facebook.

URL: dailymile.com

Tags: Android, fitness, goals, iPhone, social, web app
Price: free
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MyFitnessPal is a health and fitness community with easy to use tools to track your nutritional intake and exercise levels. Our active community offers much needed motivation and support and best of all it's 100% free.

URL: www.myfitnesspal.com

Tags: Android, fitness, food, goals, health, iPhone, lifelogging, social
Price: free
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Quantter is a web site where you can track your daily activities using Twitter. The Quantter format (or Quantt) looks like this: #activity:numberunit. For example, if you want to post how much you ran, you post to Twitter: #run:5km. You can also post on the web site. You can also share your goals on Twitter, so others could cheer you on. The web site has lists of your Quantts and you can compare yourself with others. When you reach goals on Quantter, you get badgets similar to Foursquare.

URL: http://www.quantter.com/

Tags: fitness, food, goals, lifestyle
Price: free
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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. As such, you can use Excel to record various information about yourself. One way is to record your data by date. First, you make a column representing dates and another column for the data that you want to track (e.g., steps). Every day, you fill in a row with the date and how many steps you took for that date. When you have several weeks of data, you can use Excel to generate graphs of your step counts over time.

URL: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/

Tags: energy, fitness, food, goals, health, lifelogging, money, productivity, sleep
Price: $100+
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42Goals is a flexible goal tracking web app which allows users to track, chart, annotate and evaluate many different goals in one place. Goals can be tracked by numeric, counter, Boolean, manually entered time or premium stopwatch counters. Users can evaluate goals using different mathematical functions such as summation, average, maximum or minimum values. The tool has a free demo mode and a premium monthly subscription option which opens up upgraded features.

URL: http://42goals.com/

Tags: relationships, productivity, social, mood, money, goals, food, sleep, web app
Price: $1-10, free
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Dan's Plan

A scientifically-based program designed to address challenges of achieving and maintaining your ideal weight. The philosophy focuses on food, movement, and sleep as primary drivers of health and weight.

URL: http://dansplan.com

Tags: fitness, goals, health, sleep, web app
Price: free
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MorningCoach.com is the world's first and largest Personal Evolution System bringing you the best in: Personal Development, Self-Help, Goal Setting, Self-Improvement, Positive Thinking, and Life Coaching

URL: http://www.morningcoach.com/

Tags: Android, energy, goals, health, iPhone, learning, lifestyle, money, mood, social, productivity, relationships
Price: $10-50
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DailyFeats is a web app designed to reward users for good "feats" by awarding points, badges, and real world savings and free items for performing specific feats. For example, a user would earn the Boot Camp badge and 23 points by completing all of the following feats in three days: !running (10 points), !pushups(3 points) and !workout (10 points). If the user were to earn 27 more points, he or she could redeem them for 50-point-prizes, like $5 off an oil change or 10% off painting supplies. Prizes go up to 250 points.

URL: dailyfeats.com

Tags: goals, social
Price: free
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132 members tagged "goals"

David wamsley

Hello, I'm David, the CEO of GravityEight; the first centralized platform for tracking all aspects of your life. I use the Withings Wireless Scale, ZEO Sleep Machine, Nike Plus, the Garmin GPS Watch, FitBit, MedHelp and many more...

Tags: API, health, goals, relationships, sleep, fitness, learning, mood, food, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, money
Marin, California, United States

Martijn Aslander

Setting things in motion.Doing this by solving problems, creating opportunities. Manically positive. Explorer of the network and information age. Co-founder of lifehacking.nl, 7 days of inspiration, quantified self Europe and co-author of the book "Easyc

Tags: goals, relationships, health, iPhone, energy, web app, fitness, lifestyle, gadget, productivity, social, lifelogging, mood, learning
Groningen, The Netherlands, United States

Emmanuel Gadenne

@QSParis cofunder : 1st french spoken QS meetup group ! Web & collaborative solutions manager @ Sopra Consulting. Talk to me > @egadenne

Tags: goals, location, relationships, sleep, iPhone, web app, mood, fitness, lifestyle, lifelogging, social, learning, API, health, medicine, food, productivity, Android, energy, money, gadget
Paris, France, United States

Eric Blue

I'm a technologist with a passion for QS & easing data integration for self-tracking (creating open source libraries for FitBit, Zeo, WiThings). My project: TRAQS.me (http://traqs.me) - Tools for Reporting & Analysis of the Quantified Self.

Tags: API, fitness, goals, health, learning, lifelogging, productivity
Los Angeles, California, United States

Ben Smith

Tracking nasal health. Please feel free to get in touch if that is interesting to you.

Tags: goals, relationships, fitness, learning, health
Los Angeles, California, United States

Nick Such

Tags: sleep, food, fitness, goals
Los Angeles, California, United States

Janet Chang

Tags: Android, health, goals, relationships, medicine, sleep, energy, money, fitness, learning, food, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity
San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

Misha Chellam

My name is Misha. I love the people / energy / ideas of the Quantified Self. My contribution to the group is to build the medical tricorder with the Scanadu team.

Tags: health, medicine, goals, API, gadget, learning, iPhone
Brussel, Belgium

David Rose

I'm interested in the device + service combinations that are so easy to adopt that they may scale to large populations and affect real change--like seatbelts. Blogging about design principles for connected health here: http://www.roseology.com

Tags: medicine, health, social, lifestyle, relationships, goals, mood, gadget
Los Angeles, California, United States

Isabel Merritt

Student keeping track of mainly food, health, money, fitness, and sleep among other things. I love data vis. and charts and graphs! @izzyiz20 on twitter.

Tags: fitness, food, gadget, goals, health, iPhone, learning, location, sleep, web app, money
Oakland, California, United States

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