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185 tools tagged "health"

LifeScan One Touch Blood Glucose Monitoring

LifeScan is well known for the pioneering OneTouch blood glucose monitor. This system consists of an easy to use system which provides blood glucose meters, test strips, lancing devices and diabetes management software.

URL: http://www.lifescan.com/

Tags: fitness, health, lifelogging
Price: $50-100
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Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative

The goal of the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative™ is to research whether personalized genetic information can be used to improve people’s health. To do this, participants are asked to give a saliva sample that is used to look for genetic variants associated with common diseases and medication response. Participants are also asked to provide information about their health, medication use, family history and lifestyle. This information is then used to create customized risk reports.

URL: http://cpmc.coriell.org/

Tags: health, medicine
Price: free
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HeiaHeia is a social web service that improves your wellbeing by motivating you to exercise a bit more. HeiaHeia lets you log all kinds of activities, keep a training log for yourself, as well as share your activities with friends, family, or colleagues. HeiaHeia supports over 350 different activities and is available in multiple languages. HeiaHeia also allows you to share your activities to Facebook or Twitter, based on your personal settings. HeiaHeia's extensive social features - sharing, cheering, commenting, and groups - make physical activity more social and fun. As our users say: support from friends makes you exercise more!

URL: https://www.heiaheia.com/

Tags: health, fitness, web app
Price: free
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"Limeade helps people pursue work, life and health goals, and helps companies launch challenges that reinforce strategy and culture."

URL: https://limeade.com/

Tags: health, iPhone, web app
Price: free
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"Restwise takes the science of recovery out of the lab and puts it into your hands - a coherent, intuitive way for you to think about, quantify and evaluate the relationship between exercise and recovery."

URL: http://www.restwise.com/

Tags: fitness, health, web app
Price: $100+
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Running Tracker

"Running Tracker is a perfect solution for runners to keep track running progress from anywhere and at anytime."

URL: http://www.appbrain.com/app/running-tracker/com.softmimo.android.runningtracker

Tags: Android, fitness, health
Price: $1-10
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"Strands Fitness is a free application that helps fitness-minded people easily track and monitor fitness activity. Runners, walkers, cyclists and other active people can set goals, track progress and motivate each other."

URL: http://fitness.strands.com/

Tags: fitness, health, iPhone
Price: free
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Tap & Track

"Tap & Track! Contains the largest OFFLINE food database of any iPhone calorie counter (over 400,000 foods)."

URL: http://www.tapandtrack.com/home/index

Tags: fitness, health, iPhone
Price: $1-10
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The Crescendo Project

"The Crescendo Project is an automated praise-singing machine that is triggered at the completion of a race when a runner crosses the finish line and it sings his/her name to the melody of Handel’s Hallelujah."

URL: http://www.thecrescendoproject.com/

Tags: fitness, gadget, health
Price: free
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"Automatically track your activity, steps, calories burned, food and more. Your Walkingspree state-of-the-art pedometer (accelerometer technology) accurately records your steps each day and can store up to 41 days of activity. Upload to the Walkingspree website with either PC or MacOS software (it even works with the iPad 2)."

URL: http://www.walkingspree.com/

Tags: fitness, gadget, health
Price: $50-100
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209 members tagged "health"

Brian Pagano

Tags: API, health, sleep, iPhone, fitness, learning, mood, lifelogging, productivity, gadget, food, social, web app, location
Los Angeles, California, United States

Michel Nadeau

Michel is on a mission to provide the world with electronic health systems to guide users into lifestyle changes that will make them healthier, and happier. Married 25 years, father of 5, Michel is able to focus his expertise to his worldwide wellness mis

Tags: fitness, food, goals, health, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, medicine, relationships, sleep
Montreal, Canada, United States

Tim Bott

Interested in self knowledge through numbers.

Tags: health, medicine, API, fitness, gadget
Dallas, Texas, United States

Bill McGuire

I am just getting into QS. I first became interested in self tracking because I am a chronic headache sufferer. I use a fitbit, cpap machine and have an internal neurostimulator.

Tags: iPhone, sleep, health, lifelogging
Los Angeles, California, United States

Jeff Hester

I've been tracking stuff for years without much thought about it. My current focus is on health and fitness (for weight loss), but I also track app usage, Internet usage, finances, relationships, weight, BMI, location, driving patterns. I'm constantly lo

Tags: location, relationships, goals, health, iPhone, money, fitness, food, productivity, social, lifestyle, gadget, web app, lifelogging
Los Angeles, California, United States

Ross Larter

Co-Founder of Moodpanda.com, Occasional writer, Very occasional public speaker, I love talking Technology and Wakeboarding, slightly obsessed by Panda's. Mood track every day.

Tags: health, API, iPhone, web app, mood, social, lifestyle, location, goals, lifelogging
Bristol, UK, United States

Jean-Pierre Magnan

Tags: iPhone, fitness, health, gadget, lifelogging, location
Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada, United States

Frazer Kirkman

I'm interested in training techniques for well being and for performance enhancement. I have been tracking since 1996.

Tags: goals, location, health, sleep, iPhone, money, fitness, learning, mood, web app, food, lifelogging, productivity
Adelaide, South Australia, United States

Martha Lawrence

Tags: health, food
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Jeff Fajans

I am a graduate student at Claremont Graduate University studying Positive Organizational Psychology. I am currently researching the QS movement and its implications on well-being, engagement, curiosity, and personal growth. I first got really into the

Tags: Android, goals, relationships, health, sleep, energy, fitness, mood, lifestyle, lifelogging
Los Angeles, California, United States

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