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122 tools tagged "lifelogging"


WellApps develops and distributes symptom tracking applications for patients with chronic illnesses. The data collected is compiled into easy-to-read reports for physicians, resulting in optimal patient treatment and reduced periods of active disease. Patients can also access interactive charts to see correlations between symptoms and understand how compliance to medication affects their well being. De-identified data from the patient population is collected anonymously and shared with researchers to make progress in the treatment of chronic illnesses.

URL: https://www.wellapps.com/

Tags: Android, iPhone, lifelogging
Price: free
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Posterous is a simple blogging platform that automates and integrates posts from other social media sites such as Facebook, Flickr, twitter and more. It allows users to make entries via email or the online editor. Simply send photos, embed codes or links and they will automatically be displayed in an easily viewable format for your readers to enjoy.

URL: https://posterous.com/

Tags: Android, iPhone, lifelogging, social
Price: free
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MyMe is a web app that lets you track everything that matters to you in one place. It offers different visualizations and allows you to take your data with you.

URL: http://www.itsmyme.com/

Tags: lifelogging, web app
Price: free
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Reger Datablogging

People use datablogging just like they use any blog software, to publish journal entries (or keep them private); to share photos; to podcast; to network with friends and family. The exciting part of datablogging is the data that can be collected with each entry. And who defines the type of data that's collected? You do! With drag-and-drop ease you can add data fields to your blog entries and then later build graphs and saved searches using that data. No matter what you're interested in, there's data to track.

URL: http://reger.com/about/index.log

Tags: lifelogging, web app
Price: free
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Self Improvement. Simplified. The fun and easy way to improve habits & build Rooteins. Rootein™ lets you define habits and track progress as you go along. Mark the calendar everyday you get up early or hit the gym. Receive reminders so you can never say "I forgot". Get an instant picture of how you've been doing. Feel better!

URL: http://rootein.com/

Tags: goals, lifelogging, web app
Price: free
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When you think about your day or week, does it feel like it is getting "filled-up" with work? We thought so too. That's why Klok shows your time entries as blocks that fill up your days very much like your calendaring application works. Most applications just let you enter the total time spent on a project per day in a spreadsheet view. The problem with that approach is that you potentially lose some valuable information. For example, if you or your staff spend four hours each on two separate projects within a day, it might be useful to know that the time was spent in 16 individual 30 minute entries as you toggled between projects numerous times thoughout the day. By having this information, you can identify inefficiencies that might be totally lost if you didn't track this level of detail.

URL: http://www.getklok.com/

Tags: lifelogging, Android
Price: $10-50
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Gravity Eight encourages the discovery and integration of new technology and Internet tools, using the latest devices to measure and relay (in real time) the effects of sleep, body weight, and optimal exercise on our bodies; the number of hours spent on work vs. family relationships; our hobbies; and the quality of our financial planning. Using assessment tools and tracking and measuring devices, GravityEight allows you to create a comprehensive record of personal well-being data, allowing a wide-angle view of your status and progress.

URL: www.gravityeight.com

Tags: fitness, food, gadget, goals, health, learning, lifelogging, lifestyle, money, social, relationships, sleep, web app
Price: free
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Tonic • Self Care Assistant

Tonic helps you remember and track all your health and wellness activities, making it easier to take care of yourself and your family. Tonic starts with a blank slate, ready to support your personal health practice. It doesn’t prescribe, but instead helps you do better whatever you are already doing. Tonic supports your health situation (from one or many chronic diseases to temporary illnesses and wellness efforts) and your health practice (the latest Western medication regimens or the most ancient healing practices or any combination). Tonic provides this flexibility in a simple, elegant design.

URL: www.tonicselfcare.com

Tags: energy, fitness, food, goals, health, iPhone, learning, lifelogging, lifestyle, medicine, mood, social, productivity, relationships, sleep
Price: $1-10
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Tools for Reporting & Analysis of the Quantified Self [Tracks (dot) me] My personal self-tracking tool that aggregates personal data from various devices (FitBit, WiThings, MyZeo, QStarZ GPS) and displays from a centralized interface. Current features include a Dashboard view (historical+daily stats), detailed reports, and many mapping features (top places, reverse geocoding, proximity searching). The site currently has a link to a Slideshare presentation and a working demo is coming very soon. - Eric Blue

URL: http://traqs.me

Tags: API, fitness, goals, health, lifelogging, lifestyle, sleep, web app
Price: free
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Baby Connect

Baby Connect is an iPhone, iPad and web application which allows to track everything baby related: sleep, diapers, feeding, medicines, mood, milestones, sickness, temperature, growth, vaccines, ... it provides lots of graphs and statistics, all the information is synchronized on each parent/nanny device when used by several caregivers.

URL: http://www.baby-connect.com

Tags: sleep, mood, medicine, lifelogging, iPhone, health, food, web app
Price: $1-10, free
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143 members tagged "lifelogging"

Michael Bigelow

Retired at 49...I finally have time to manage my time and health.

Tags: productivity, lifestyle, gadget, social, lifelogging, food, web app, money, energy, goals, location, relationships, sleep, medicine, health
Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Katie Benedetto

HI! I'm Katie, a web developer with a love for personal growth, and a healthy addiction to new experiences. :) I'm tracking sleep, calories, mood, and how often I do certain things. I build an app, crittr.co, that helps me track these things. :) I'd lov

Tags: health, fitness, sleep, lifelogging, mood, goals, web app, Android, iPhone
Durham, North Carolina, United States

George Smith

Technology entrepreneur and writer. Love to find ways to integrate great technology into our daily lives..."naturally" The best use of killer technology is when you don't even know it's there and your life gets a little better and easier!

Tags: relationships, goals, social, productivity, lifestyle, gadget, lifelogging, food, learning, fitness, web app, iPhone, energy, API, health, medicine, sleep, Android
Dallas TX, United States

Michael Schulte

Tags: mood, social, lifelogging, sleep, Android, health
Los Angeles, California, United States

Richard Stern

Tags: social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity, lifelogging, learning, fitness, sleep, Android
New York, NY, United States

Richard Sprague

Longtime technologist: genetics, microbes, sleep, energy, more.

Tags: productivity, lifelogging, sleep, medicine, Android, iPhone
Beijing, China, United States

Joshua J. Armstrong

PhD student in Aging, Health and Well-being. School of Public Health and Health Systems University of Waterloo

Tags: social, sleep, medicine, goals, health, energy, fitness, learning, gadget, food, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity, Android
Los Angeles, California, United States

Frank Ille

Tags: lifelogging, mood, sleep, web app, iPhone, health
Los Angeles, California, United States

Renat Yakubov

Tags: productivity, lifestyle, gadget, social, lifelogging, learning, web app, sleep, medicine, health, API, location, goals, Android
Moscow, Russia, United States

Scott Taylor

Tags: gadget, productivity, lifelogging, food, mood, fitness, web app, money, sleep, health, location, Android
Plano, TX, United States

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