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60 tools tagged "medicine"


At CureTogether, patients around the world come together to share quantitative information on over 500 medical conditions. They share data on symptoms and compare which treatments work best for them. They track their health and find others with similar conditions. New research discoveries are made based on the patient-contributed data.

URL: http://curetogether.com

Tags: medicine, health, web app
Price: free
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Google Health

Google Health is a site to organize, track, monitor, and act on your health information. Google Health helps you gather your medical records and import data directly from connected doctors, hospitals, and retail pharmacies. You can also set personal health goals and track your progress towards reaching them. You can track your sleep patterns, physical activity, food consumption, etc. You can also connect partner apps and devices to Google Health. Lastly, you can share your data with your care network: family members, friends, and doctors, so you can discuss your health goals and progress with them.

URL: http://www.google.com/health/

Tags: fitness, food, goals, health, medicine, sleep
Price: free
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Vitality addresses the billion-dollar adherence problem for pharmaceutical brands, retail pharmacies and healthcare providers with a simple device — a cellular-connected pill cap. Vitality GlowCaps illuminate, play a melody, and even ring a home phone so patients don't forget. They can send weekly emails to remote caregivers, create accountability with doctors through an adherence report, and automatically refill prescriptions. Vitality improves medication adherence, health, and peace of mind. Vitality's patent pending solutions offer each patient the optimal mix of intervention, feedback, reminders, accountability, education, and incentives to improve their ongoing medication adherence.

URL: http://www.vitality.net/

Tags: health, medicine
Price: $10-50
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The Experimental Man Project

The experimental man project is a resource for people wanting to learn about personalized medicine. It contains test results from one man (David Ewing Duncan) who had approximately 250 genetic and biological tests performed on himself to examine genetic and environmental impacts. The website contains raw data from his tests, as well as numerous links to other related web resources. It is intended as a companion site to the book "Experimental Man"

URL: http://www.experimentalman.com

Tags: health, medicine
Price: free
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ChartMyself is a web application which provides tools for recording and charting more than 50 different aspects of your daily life, in categories of Vitality, Body Measurement, Activity, Consumption, Diet, Symptoms, and Drugs. The data can be viewed as a log, or on a chart, and there is a facility for making textual journal entries. The site also contains a news feed that can be customized by condition, and a collection of articles and links on health related topics.

URL: http://www.chartmyself.com/

Tags: web app, mood, medicine, lifelogging, health, food
Price: free
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EvenTrend is a generic tracking tool for Android. It allows you to set up categories for any numeric quantity such as exercise, weight, gas used, etc. The app draws graphs, and derives trends and statistics automatically, and data can be exported to CSV. The application is open source.

URL: https://market.android.com/details?id=net.redgeek.android.eventrend

Tags: Android, fitness, health, medicine
Price: free
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Track-n-Graph is a web application (for Internet Explorer and Firefox - NOT chrome or safari), that let you capture data and produce column, line, and area graphs. There is an advertising supported version which allows up to 5 trackers, and a paid version which allows an unlimited number of trackers, along with the ability to import data. There is a simple cross-platform mobile version for entering data, and trackers can be embedded in other sites. A large catalog of pre-configured trackers from other users can be used as a starting point.

URL: http://www.trackngraph.com

Tags: fitness, goals, health, medicine, sleep
Price: $10-50
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DIYgenomics helps people understand genomic data through its online and mobile app and crowdsourced research studies. The mobile app contains a directory of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) categorized by disease or health trait (for example, Alzheimer's or Athletic Performance). SNPs are linked to publicly available scientific studies. DIYgenomics differentiates itself from information available on sites like 23andMe and Navigenics by offering research on SNPs that no one else does in such an organized way. DIYgenomics is also organizing research studies in aging, diabetes, obesity, macular degeneration and cancer. These studies are open to the public.

URL: diygenomics.org

Tags: Android, health, iPhone, medicine, web app
Price: free
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Entelos is a life-sciences company that provides predictive "virtual human" computer simulations of disease. Entelos sells customized products and research services to large biotech companies. Its main products are Physiolab: computer-based mathematical models of diseases and their reactions to therapeutics, Toxicogenomics: toxicology with genomics tools to determine the safety of new compounds, and DigitalSelf: a virtual personalized medicine platform (in progress) for consumers and health professionals.

URL: entelos.com

Tags: health, medicine
Price: $100+
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The Society for Participatory Medicine

The Society for Participatory Medicine is a public charity devoted to promoting the concept of participatory medicine by and among patients, caregivers and their medical teams. They define Participatory Medicine as a movement in which networked patients shift from being passengers to drivers of their health. It aims to bridge the digital divide between participatory medicine breakthroughs and minority and disenfranchised populations. It helps promote participatory medicine by supporting the following: The Journal of Participatory Medicine Its e-Patients.net blog and speaking at conferences and events

URL: participatorymedicine.org

Tags: health, medicine
Price: free
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85 members tagged "medicine"

Daniel Reda

CoFounder of CureTogether.com

Tags: health, medicine
Mountain View, CA, United States

Eri Geometry

founder of BioCurious, a hackerspace for bio, and community manager of Genomera, an Open Health Studies platform that's rocking the Health 2.0 community QS review guide and blogger for #QS2011. starting QS offshoot meetup soon and organizing July meetup

Tags: medicine, health, Android, gadget, fitness, food, social, sleep
Mountain View, California, United States

Ernesto Ramirez

Doctoral student in Public Health studying how technology can be used for measuring, tracking and changing health behaviors.

Tags: health, medicine, fitness
San Diego, California, United States

Emmanuel Gadenne

@QSParis cofunder : 1st french spoken QS meetup group ! Web & collaborative solutions manager @ Sopra Consulting. Talk to me > @egadenne

Tags: goals, location, relationships, sleep, iPhone, web app, mood, fitness, lifestyle, lifelogging, social, learning, API, health, medicine, food, productivity, Android, energy, money, gadget
Paris, France, United States

Beau Gunderson

Interested in sleep tracking, mapping/geography, and data visualization. http://www.beaugunderson.com/

Tags: API, medicine, location, sleep, health, iPhone, energy, learning, mood, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity
Seattle, Washington, United States

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier

I'm co-founder of Carré Technologies (wearable sensors) and organizer of QS Montréal.

Tags: Android, iPhone, gadget, lifelogging, fitness, health, medicine, sleep, API, mood
Montréal, Québec, United States

Janet Chang

Tags: Android, health, goals, relationships, medicine, sleep, energy, money, fitness, learning, food, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity
San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

Bob Lew

Tags: fitness, health, medicine, sleep, gadget, location, iPhone, food, learning, lifestyle, productivity
Honolulu, HI, United States

Misha Chellam

My name is Misha. I love the people / energy / ideas of the Quantified Self. My contribution to the group is to build the medical tricorder with the Scanadu team.

Tags: health, medicine, goals, API, gadget, learning, iPhone
Brussel, Belgium

David Rose

I'm interested in the device + service combinations that are so easy to adopt that they may scale to large populations and affect real change--like seatbelts. Blogging about design principles for connected health here: http://www.roseology.com

Tags: medicine, health, social, lifestyle, relationships, goals, mood, gadget
Los Angeles, California, United States