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Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated is a US company that provides clinical laboratory services. Quest works with healthcare professionals to provide a multitude of lab tests, as well as with employers to provide drug screening and OSHA testing. From the website, patients can make appointments for clinical tests ordered by physicians, get results, and find out more about lab tests. Quest offers a mobile health tracking app called Gazelle, available on iPhone and BlackBerry.

URL: questdiagnostics.com

Tags: health, iPhone, medicine
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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PERSONALLABS provides consumers with clinical health tests, such as diabetes testing, heart health testing, and STD testing. Consumers can purchase test requisitions online, without a prescription, and locate a partner LabCorp facility near them. Tests will be performed at LabCorp and sent back to PERSONALLABS.

URL: personallabs.com

Tags: health, medicine
Price: $1-10, $10-50, $50-100, $100+
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Personal Genome Project

The Personal Genome Project (PGP) is a wide-scale genome sequencing effort led by Harvard Medical School's George Church. The PGP's mission is to encourage the development of personal genomics technology, with an end goal of sequencing 100,000 individuals. The first PGP project involved finding 10 (termed the "PGP-10") informed members of the scientific and medical communities who would have their genomes sequenced and the data made available to the public. The PGP is now recruiting 10,000 participants from the public who are willing to publicly share their genome sequence and health and medical data.

URL: personalgenomes.org

Tags: health, medicine
Price: free
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RxDigita is a mobile medication tracker. It tells the user what medications to take when and it will alert an emergency contact if repeated doses are missed. RxDigita is an android app and it connects to Google Health.

URL: rxdigita.com

Tags: Android, health, medicine
Price: free
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The SenseWear Armband by BodyMedia is a physical activity monitor meant for use by patients whose doctors wish to track their movement outside the office. SenseWear contains an accelerometer to measure motion and steps, a galvanic skin response monitor to measure the electrical conductivity of the skin, skin temperature, and heat flux - the amount of heat dissipating from the body. SenseWear holds up to 28 days of data, which can only be analyzed on the SenseWear Professional Software package.

URL: sensewear.bodymedia.com

Tags: gadget, health, medicine
Price: $100+
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SNPedia (pronounced "snipedia") is an online, semantic wiki-style database of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). SNPedia links to scientific articles, personal genomics web sites and microarray information related to SNPs.

URL: snpedia.com

Tags: medicine
Price: free
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Microsoft HealthVault

Microsoft HealthVault is a health solutions tool to help you track various kinds of data. A growing number of tools can automatically upload data to HealthVault using cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi technology. You can use HealthVault to track your chronic condition like diabetes, asthma, or high blood pressure using devices like blood pressure monitors, glucometers, peak flow meters, etc. You can also track your prescriptions by connecting with pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. HealthVault will also organize your medical records in one place by integrating data from your health providers.

URL: http://www.healthvault.com/

Tags: health, medicine
Price: free
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PatientsLikeMe is a website where people can share their experience living with 500+ conditions. PatientsLikeMe help people find other patients who share the same condition. Patients can track the treatments they take and the symptoms that they experience. They can also track other data, such as mood, sleep, energy, appetite, quality of life, and weight. Patients can explore Treatment Reports to see the efficacy of different treatments. They can also learn about different symptoms and different treatments that people have tried to treat the symptoms.

URL: http://www.patientslikeme.com/

Tags: energy, fitness, food, goals, health, medicine, mood, sleep
Price: free
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SugarStats is a web site that has a simple and easy-to-use interface to input and access your data from anywhere. You can enter data using the web interface, Twitter, or using a mobile phone. You can track your blood glucose level and medication for free. You can also track your food consumption and physical activity but you have to sign up for the Premium Plan, which is $8.29/month. The web site has graphs and trends to explore your progress towards your goals. You can also share your stats with friends, family, or health-care provider.

URL: http://www.sugarstats.com/

Tags: fitness, food, goals, health, medicine
Price: free
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Optimism Apps

Optimism applications are mood charts to help with managing mental health. They are used as self-help or self-improvement tools for depression, bipolar disorder, and other illnesses. The core purpose of the apps is to help you discover what causes your mood swings, to find the warning signs of a decline in health, and learn strategies, often specific to you, that help you to remain well. A continual feedback loop, in the form of charts and reports, improves your understanding of your mental health and the things that are helping or hindering you.

URL: http://www.findingoptimism.com/

Tags: fitness, food, health, iPhone, medicine, mood, sleep
Price: free, $1-10, $10-50
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85 members tagged "medicine"

Jakob Eg Larsen

associate professor in cognitive systems at the technical university of denmark with interests in augmented cognition, lifelogging, personal informatics, human-computer interaction, and user experience

Tags: lifelogging, social, gadget, medicine, sleep, health, relationships, location, productivity, goals, Android, API, learning
Copenhagen, Denmark, United States

Jeroen Brouwer

Tracking my activity with a variety of tools. Many running tools, but also cycling. I do M&S of Philips DirectLife in the USA. I am also interested in other biometric measurement tools, and how it can help give insight in health as well as improve it.

Tags: fitness, API, food, gadget, health, iPhone, learning, lifestyle, social, mood, medicine, sleep, web app
Los Altos, California

Steven Dean

I lead the NYC Quantified Self. Teach health innovation using self-tracking, self-experimentation and behavior change at Parsons and NYU ITP. Ironman triathlete and endurance athlete. g51studio.com

Tags: health, medicine, relationships, location, goals, money, sleep, API, iPhone, fitness, mood, food, social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity, Android, web app, lifelogging, learning, energy
New York, NY, United States

Paul Bond

Lifestyle design coach/consultant @ www.paulbond.com I have a long background in medicine/healthcare, management, technology and small business management. I run a successful educational and consulting company, blog and podcast that has been consistently

Tags: energy, fitness, gadget, goals, health, iPhone, learning, lifestyle, medicine, money, productivity
Bunnel, Florida

I have been self-tracking for many years, both my physiological and my psychological health. And in answer to your question, "Yes, self-tracking IS the answer to a better, longer life!" I am a Knowledge Worker, Knowledge Engineer, and Knowledge Manager

Tags: goals, health, medicine, money, fitness, social, food, lifestyle, learning, productivity
Los Angeles, California, United States

Sicco van Sas

Generally interested in the self-tracking principles.

Tags: goals, API, health, medicine, sleep, energy, food, fitness, learning, mood, lifelogging, productivity
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, United States

Carrie J

Tags: health, sleep, mood, food, lifelogging, learning, medicine, relationships
Los Angeles, California, United States

Keegan Hall

Co-Founder of Emergent Detection and BodyKey (myBodyKey.com), University of Washington MBA, marathon runner, sports nut, and bald...

Tags: goals, health, medicine, energy, iPhone, money, web app, fitness, learning, mood, food, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle
Seattle, WA, United States

Olivier Roland

I'm a French Problogger and I'm traveling all around the world while managing my online company. I love the concept of Quantified Self and think I can really improve myself with self experiments, not only in my beliefs but in REALITY, especially health.

Tags: goals, iPhone, health, medicine, sleep, energy, money, fitness, learning, mood, food, gadget, lifestyle, productivity
Los Angeles, California, United States

Jen Zeralli

I'm a data freak yo!

Tags: relationships, sleep, food, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity, gadget, social, fitness, learning, mood, energy, iPhone, money, web app, medicine, health, API, Android, location, goals
Brooklyn, NY, United States