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This adaptor plugs into the audio socket of a mobile phone and acts as an antenna, receiving heart rate information form third party sensors.

URL: http://www.myithlete.com/

Tags: medicine, iPhone, gadget, fitness
Price: $10-50
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Baby Manager

Baby Manager is a simple app to help you with your new-born child. Log every bottles or feedings, log every diapers. We will give you all those data in an easy way to look at to help you determine when is the best time for the next bottle !

URL: http://brunosoulez.me/babymanager/

Tags: food, health, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, medicine, sleep
Price: $1-10
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New interactive iPhone app for optimal breathing and early detection of stress, apnea and wheezing. Listen, record and track your breathing patterns using respiratory acoustic feedback and anaylsis. Choose special effects for acute stress or pain relief, add music for relaxation or a fitness workout, and engage the optimize feature for an example of optimal breathing that you can easily follow. Track your progress on your dashboard as you improve your health, performance and quality of life. Share your respiratory analysis with healthcare practitioners, sports coaches, friends and social networks.

URL: www.breathresearch.com

Tags: productivity, mood, medicine, lifelogging, iPhone, health, fitness, energy, sleep
Price: $1-10
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textWeightTM 2.0

Launched August 15, 2011 Free for new users during trial period! Receive a text message reminder each morning to reply with your weight, monitor and track on your personal web page. Receive tips and encouragement as you approach your personal goal. Achievement badges can be shared with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter! textWeight 2.0 lets you choose the number of days each week and time of day you want to receive messages, identify your 3 month weight loss goal and personal challenge to managing your weight

URL: https://www.textWeight.com

Tags: productivity, social, medicine, lifestyle, lifelogging, iPhone, health, goals, gadget, fitness, web app
Price: free
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TrackIgnite allows users to integrate their 3rd party health and fitness apps into one dashboard to easily identify where they need to make changes and improvements. Users simply synch their mood, sleep, fitness, and nutrition apps and TrackIgnite generates the charts and graphs for them. There is no need to export their data manually from individual self-tracking apps and upload it to Google Spreadsheets or Excel. TrackIgnite also let's users form their own private or public Google+ groups to share their tracking info with their sports trainers, nutrition groups, athletic groups, friends and even health care providers.

URL: http://www.trackignite.com

Tags: Android, fitness, food, goals, health, iPhone, medicine, mood, social, sleep
Price: free
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CareLogger is a web and iPhone app that helps people with diabetes measure and track their glucose levels, blood pressure, meals and weight.

URL: http://carelogger.com/

Tags: food, health, iPhone, medicine, web app
Price: free, $10-50
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This website is a project with one ultimate goal: to build an incredible platform of information sharing between patients in the Crohn's & Colitis community. This platform turns the traditional medical model on it's head: Instead of doctors giving a one-way flow of rapid-fire, limited information to patients, this is a project to allow patients to collaborate, share information with each other, and learn from each other's experiences. We think this is a better model for medicine for patients living with chronic illnesses.

URL: http://crohnology.com/

Tags: health, medicine, social, web app
Price: free
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BAM Labs

BAM Labs Biometric Sensor is placed under a mattress and detects heart rate, breathing rate, motion, and presence continuously while a person is in bed. Health data are automatically transmitted to BAM Lab’s Health Monitoring Services where data are analyzed and reported to the caregiver. Caregivers receive health data on their mobile devices such as smart phones, iPod touch and iPad devices, so that the caregiver can monitor a group of people at all times while they perform their daily duties.

URL: http://www.bamlabs.com/

Tags: Android, gadget, health, iPhone, medicine, sleep
Price: $100+
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Symphony tCGM System

Echo's lead program in analyte monitoring is focused on glucose and utilizes the Symphony® tCGM System, a non-invasive (needle-free), wireless, transdermal continuous glucose monitoring system designed to provide accurate, real-time blood glucose data conveniently, continuously and cost-effectively. Symphony incorporates Prelude, our proprietary skin permeation device, a transdermal sensor, wireless tranceiver and data display technologies.

URL: http://www.echotx.com/symphony-tcgm-system.shtml

Tags: food, gadget, health, medicine
Price: $100+
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AsthmaMD iPhone App

AsthmaMD is a free iPhone application that allows users to easily and quickly log their asthma activity, their medications, causes of their asthma in the form of a diary. Users may share the diary and a color graph chart of their asthma activities with their physicians to be included in their medical records. Where AsthmaMD really make a difference is by gathering anonymous asthma data to help researchers with unprecedented information into the causes and external correlation of asthma.

URL: asthmamd.org

Tags: health, iPhone, medicine
Price: free
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85 members tagged "medicine"

William Glascoe

A Washingtonian native and Citizen-Airman working in the Federal Consulting Practice of CSC in Falls Church, VA. I'm all about bringing Lifegraphs to market, a Blue Ocean. Lifegraphs are the data structures and software capabilities that all

Tags: goals, sleep, medicine, health, API, energy, fitness, learning, food, lifestyle, productivity, web app, money
Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States

Michel Nadeau

Michel is on a mission to provide the world with electronic health systems to guide users into lifestyle changes that will make them healthier, and happier. Married 25 years, father of 5, Michel is able to focus his expertise to his worldwide wellness mis

Tags: fitness, food, goals, health, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, medicine, relationships, sleep
Montreal, Canada, United States

Tim Bott

Interested in self knowledge through numbers.

Tags: health, medicine, API, fitness, gadget
Dallas, Texas, United States

Marc Alt

Testing the site...

Tags: relationships, location, goals, API, health, medicine, sleep, web app, money, iPhone, energy, mood, learning, fitness, social, lifelogging, food, gadget, lifestyle, productivity
Los Angeles, California, United States

Relaxation, good health & well-being are our topmost priorities. To make your stopover at a mall or the airport as comfortable as possible, we offer you a soothing massage on our ReMass massage armchairs. Our ReMass eShop brings to you attractive massag

Tags: sleep, medicine, social, lifestyle, learning, iPhone, health, fitness
Berlin, Germany, United States

Summer Rogers

Tags: location, money, iPhone, medicine, sleep, mood, productivity, lifestyle, lifelogging, social, food, gadget, learning, fitness, health
San Diego, California, United States

Peter Roome

Technologist, architect, scientist interested in advancing healthcare in aging populations through creative application of mobile, social, local technologies.

Tags: web app, lifestyle, social, learning, location, iPhone, Android, lifelogging, medicine
Portland, OR, United States

Eric Traub

I am a dedicated Tibetan Buddhist, entrepreneur, investor, techie, athlete and family man, living 35% of the year in a monastery in South India studying under the greatest living lamas in the tradition. I apply QS methods across the board in all of these

Tags: relationships, location, goals, API, health, medicine, sleep, web app, energy, iPhone, money, fitness, learning, mood, social, lifelogging, food, gadget, lifestyle, productivity
San Francisco, California, United States

Craig Litherland

I'm interested in health tracking, symptom logging, performance increase, etc.

Tags: productivity, iPhone, fitness, medicine
New Hampshire, United States

Stephen Bryant

Tracking a plethora of seemingly unrelated factoids. Attempting to see the whole picture. Currently developing a web app to assist with this.

Tags: energy, relationships, sleep, web app, productivity, social, money, mood, medicine, lifestyle, lifelogging, fitness, goals, health
Los Angeles, California, United States