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The objective of Mindbloom’s Life Game is to grow the life you want by creating and maintaining a Life Tree where the branches represent areas of life that matter to you (e.g. health, spirituality, relationships, leisure, lifestyle, finances, creativity, and career) and the leaves represent specific goals, passions, or dreams. By taking small steps towards those goals, passions, or dreams on a regular basis (e.g. drink 8 glasses of water) you will not only grow and maintain a healthy tree (and life!), but you will earn seeds (i.e. points) and move up in the game.

URL: http://www.mindbloom.com/the-life-game/

Tags: goals, health, lifestyle, money, relationships, web app
Price: free
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Traxier lets you track your daily life activities and use them to compete with others to win awards and points. Traxier offers tracking utilities deployed within a social competition framework that incorporates gaming elements in its rewards systems and data presentation. At its core, traxier is a tool for self quantification. Track any aspect of your life on traxier.com, and it will present your life data in a visually delicious and easily digestible way so you can extract the sweet nectar of self-knowledge. It will also show your life data in relation to others. (Alpha version with potential)

URL: www.traxier.com

Tags: fitness, lifelogging, lifestyle, money, social, productivity, sleep, web app
Price: free
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rTracker is a generic, customizable tracker application for iOS devices. Its focus is on lifelogging rather than goal setting, and rTracker is designed to flexibly support multiple trackers and multiple values within each. Individual values may be numbers, sliders, text, yes/no booleans, multiple choice radiobuttons, and functions on combinations of these including entry timestamps (and more as development continues). Configurable graphs display collected data for each tracker, and data can be exported and imported as CSV files. Tracker definitions can also be exported, imported and shared. A non-encrypted privacy mechanism enables multiple levels of hiding trackers or individual values.

URL: http://www.realidata.com/rTracker/iPhone/rTracker-main.html

Tags: sleep, mood, money, medicine, lifelogging, learning, iPhone, health
Price: $1-10
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Matthew Bright

Sydneysider relocating to Amsterdam mid-September, with experience and interest in personalised medicine, e-commerce and venture capital.

Tags: health, medicine, sleep, money, energy, fitness, learning, social, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity, gadget
Sydne, Australia

Bernard McCarty

Tags: Android, health, sleep, money, fitness, energy, gadget, food
Los Angeles, California, United States

Niren Hiro

Tags: money, mood, fitness, energy, food, gadget, goals, social, productivity, sleep, medicine, health, iPhone, web app
Mountain View, California, United States

Derek Stoeckenius

I am an 18 year old male trying to put my life together in a way that will lead to my overall satisfaction. I have a vision for what I'd like my life to look like. I have a blog if you'd like to get to know me better. rebellionwithcause.wordpress.com

Tags: lifelogging, fitness, learning, mood, iPhone, health, relationships, social, lifestyle, productivity, energy, goals, location, money
Los Angeles, California, United States

Daniel Westman

Tags: sleep, money, location, lifelogging, productivity, goals
Sweden, United States

Core Bore

Tags: Android, location, goals, health, sleep, medicine, energy, money, web app, learning, mood, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity
Los Angeles, California, United States

Леха Мельников

I'm a blogger. I measure and tracking activitye, sleep with Fitbit Ultra, Adidas miCoach for iPhone, YourFlowingData, WriteRoom.

Tags: health, sleep, iPhone, money, fitness, mood, lifelogging, gadget, productivity
Volgograd, Russia, United States

Daniel Reeves

Co-founder of Beeminder.com.

Tags: Android, API, goals, health, money, web app, fitness, lifelogging, gadget, lifestyle, productivity
, United States

Irvin Bussel

Lounge Scientist. Bedroom Philosopher. Bathroom Stall Poet. Humanist Misanthrope. I am medical student with dreams of being a clinician-scientist at an academic medical center. I am also a medical writer and an eternal vagabond.

Tags: iPhone, sleep, health, medicine, money
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Muhammad Habibul Islam

Just got started..

Tags: Android, relationships, sleep, web app, money, mood, learning, fitness, food, lifelogging, social, gadget, lifestyle, productivity, location, goals, medicine, health, API, energy, iPhone
Chittagong, Bangladesh, United States