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DailyFeats is a web app designed to reward users for good "feats" by awarding points, badges, and real world savings and free items for performing specific feats.
For example, a user would earn the Boot Camp badge and 23 points by completing all of the following feats in three days: !running (10 points), !pushups(3 points) and !workout (10 points). If the user were to earn 27 more points, he or she could redeem them for 50-point-prizes, like $5 off an oil change or 10% off painting supplies. Prizes go up to 250 points.


Tags: goals, social
Price: free


August 23, 2012

By Hugo Mobility

We're encouraging seniors to use DailyFeats to be more active! http://hugoanywhere.dailyfeats.com/
We're offering seniors discounts on Hugo Mobility products and giving away Nintendo DSi http://www.hugoanywhere.com/dailyfeats/.

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