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Equanimity - Meditation Timer & Tracker
(2 reviews)

Equanimity is a Meditation App for the iPhone.
The free version allows you to set preparation time and sitting time and chimes at the beginning and end of your session.
The premium version also includes preparation and sitting time and then adds an interval timer, journal, a graphical view of your sitting history and allows you to export all your data to a .csv file.
The graphical view gives the user a way to quickly glance at information showing the Frequency of your sittings, your Longest Runs, Total Practice Hours and a Graph of sittings and duration.


Tags: fitness, health, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity
Price: free, $1-10


May 27, 2011

By Gary Wolf

I've been using Equanimity since about February, 2010. The very fact that its become integrated into my daily habits shows how well it is designed. Some things worth knowing:

*The app is a timer. Many of us use a timer when meditating, this is a very simple, well executed function, with a lovely design.

*The value of the app comes from its record-keeping, which includes: # of days in a row in current "streak," an assessment of the constancy of current practice (every day, most days, etc.), and a rather subtle graph that gives you sense of the evolution of your practice over time. I find these really helpful. They are not very "loud," and the graph in particular is an interesting way to keep an eye on my practice without adding stress.

*There is a journal feature that I have come to value. I use it to keep short notes about my practice, which then become a kind of low-demand diary.

*You can export your meditation data as a csv file, if you want to do more analysis.

I really like the way Equanimity combines quantitative and qualitative feedback, unobtrusively. Given how rarely I integrate an app or gadget into my daily life (most things I try get dropped pretty quickly), I'm very impressed. I always recommend it to people interested in meditating.

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May 13, 2011

By Alexandra Carmichael

This is probably my favorite iPhone app, because it has helped me establish a daily meditation practice. And having that practice has had many positive effects on my life. Equanimity has a beautiful, calming gong sound to start and end the session, a simple, elegant design, and a peace-inducing purpose. It will become your mindful friend.

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