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DailyBurn is a web site where you can track your body information (weight, body fat percentage), workouts, nutrition, and challenges completed. Collecting data is done on the web site or using their mobile app available on iPhone or Android. DailyBurn has databases of many exercises and different kinds of food, which so that calories expended and consumed can be easily computed. The web site and the mobile apps have visualizations, so you can review your progress. You can also set goals to motivate you to become more active or lose weight.

URL: http://dailyburn.com/

Tags: Android, fitness, food, health, iPhone
Price: free
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Equanimity - Meditation Timer & Tracker

Equanimity is a Meditation App for the iPhone. The free version allows you to set preparation time and sitting time and chimes at the beginning and end of your session. The premium version also includes preparation and sitting time and then adds an interval timer, journal, a graphical view of your sitting history and allows you to export all your data to a .csv file. The graphical view gives the user a way to quickly glance at information showing the Frequency of your sittings, your Longest Runs, Total Practice Hours and a Graph of sittings and duration.

URL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/equanimity-meditation-timer/id351825794?mt=8

Tags: fitness, health, iPhone, lifelogging, lifestyle, productivity
Price: free, $1-10
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Quantter is a web site where you can track your daily activities using Twitter. The Quantter format (or Quantt) looks like this: #activity:numberunit. For example, if you want to post how much you ran, you post to Twitter: #run:5km. You can also post on the web site. You can also share your goals on Twitter, so others could cheer you on. The web site has lists of your Quantts and you can compare yourself with others. When you reach goals on Quantter, you get badgets similar to Foursquare.

URL: http://www.quantter.com/

Tags: fitness, food, goals, lifestyle
Price: free
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Mint is a web site to manage your money. Mint brings all your financial accounts together in one interface online. It automatically downloads data from your financial accounts and categorizes your transactions (e.g., restaurants, gas & fuel, business services). Mint has visualizations to help you explore where and how you spend your money. You can see your transactions in detail or see how you spent your money between different categories. It also helps you set budgets and helps you achieve your saving goals.

URL: https://www.mint.com/

Tags: money
Price: free
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RescueTime is an web-based automated time tracking and management tool. All you need to do is install the RescueTime software and you can track your use of time usage (e.g., applications opened, web sites visited, and documents used). You can pause tracking and selectively delete sensitive data. The web site also has reports and analytics of your data. RescueTime can show you a wide variety of reports from its dashboard. You can see the top apps and sites for the week, how your email ebbs and flows throughout the day, and which days are productive.

URL: http://www.rescuetime.com/

Tags: productivity
Price: $1-10
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42Goals is a flexible goal tracking web app which allows users to track, chart, annotate and evaluate many different goals in one place. Goals can be tracked by numeric, counter, Boolean, manually entered time or premium stopwatch counters. Users can evaluate goals using different mathematical functions such as summation, average, maximum or minimum values. The tool has a free demo mode and a premium monthly subscription option which opens up upgraded features.

URL: http://42goals.com/

Tags: relationships, productivity, social, mood, money, goals, food, sleep, web app
Price: $1-10, free
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Genomera helps people use personal data tracking, science, and collaboration to understand how their body works and make healthier choices. The first product, open crowdsourced clinical trials--participant-driven health research, is in private beta with users working together to discover things like 'Which Vitamin B formulation is best for my body chemistry and DNA?' and 'Is this generic statin more or less effective than the brand drug?' and 'Do butter and coconut oil make you smarter?' and 'Which of the 3 techniques for ACL surgery produces the best long term outcomes?' Users create profiles, upload and track data, create and participate in group health studies. Genomera-- Personal. Health. Collaboration.

URL: http://genomera.com/

Tags: web app, social, lifestyle, health
Price: free
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Feedback and guidance to be successful at nutritional balance, losing weight, and maintaining current weight.

URL: http://www.nutrimirror.com/

Tags: fitness, health, lifestyle, web app
Price: free
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Dan's Plan

A scientifically-based program designed to address challenges of achieving and maintaining your ideal weight. The philosophy focuses on food, movement, and sleep as primary drivers of health and weight.

URL: http://dansplan.com

Tags: fitness, goals, health, sleep, web app
Price: free
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Honestly Now

Honestly Now is a web and mobile app to help you make excellent personal decisions, by polling your friends and top-flight experts: "What should I do?" Whether it's about your relationships, your appearance, your career, money or home, ask away! At last, your friends' opinions are quantified and understood. When our Pros, some of the best in the world, provide their 2 cents, you're provide with actions to move forward. And whether you decide to act with the crowd, or contrary to the crowd, you do it with confidence.

URL: www.honestlynow.com

Tags: relationships, social, money, lifestyle, iPhone, fitness, Android, web app
Price: free
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