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Quantified Self Styles

Tokyo Quantified Self, November 2014

Tokyo Quantified Self, November 2014

Last year, over 320 Quantified Self events occurred across the globe. If spread evenly, six out of seven days of the week saw a QS meetup. This is a truly incredible amount of knowledge sharing occurring in our community.

Although many QS meetings follow our typical “show&tell” format, with three to four talks about personal tracking projects and plenty of social time, you don’t have 320 meetups occurring in a calendar year without some variation. Our organizers are a creative bunch, and they’ve tried many different formats. From informal chats and small work groups to unconference sessions and group experiments, there are meetup formats that suit the size and personality of every local Quantified Self community.

Because we are inspired by the creativity of QS organizers around the world, we’ve put together a partial catalog of Quantified Self event formats. The purpose of this list is to be a resource for meetup organizers and members, to spark new experiments and interactions. If you don’t have a Quantified Self group in your area, all is not lost. You can always start your own!

Catalog of Quantified Self formats.

How to start your own Quantified Self Show&Tell.

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An Introduction to the Quantified Self

A big piece of our work at QS Labs is supporting our worldwide community through the over 100 Quantified Self Meetups (see our sidebar at right). At our local meetup in the Bay Area, and others we’ve had the pleasure of visiting, we are consistently observing that nearly half of the attendees are new to the Quantified Self. Considering this, Gary Wolf, our director and co-founder, gave a short presentation to introduce our work and how we see the Quantified Self as a cultural and technological movement. If you’re new here, or just want to reorient yourself, watch Gary’s excellent talk below.

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