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This Week’s QS Meetups

This week there are six QS meet ups planned all over the world. Follow the links below to learn more. You can also find the full list of the over 100 QS meet ups in the right sidebar. Don’t see one near you? Why not start your own!

Monday (7/21/14)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Looks like QS Rio has three great show&tell talks on tap for their meetup!

Tuesday (7/23/14)

St. Louis, Missouri
The St. Louis QS meetup group is trying something new. They’ll be screening a selection of QS show&tell talks from our vast video collection (over 700!).

Los Angeles, California
Join QS LA members for an informal “Happy Hour” to talk about QS, new tools, and interesting projects you’re working on.

Wednesday (7/23/14)

Austin, Texas
Austin QS meetup organizers, Mark and Laurie Frick are inviting the community to join them for evening of socializing and story sharing. They’ll also have a featured interview with Peter Zandan, “a Big-Data guru, investor and advisor to the Quantified-Self community. He’s noted for finding surprises in the data, and will curious to hear his take on self-tracking.” Sound like fun!

Thursday (7/24/14)

Berlin, Germany
Our friends at the Berlin QS Meetup are having their 7th show&tell Thursday evening. From the description it sounds like a fascinating talk on sleep tracking is on the agenda.

Saturday (7/26/14)

Indianapolis, Indiana 
Join the QS Indianapolis meetup group as they discuss experiences using the the popular productivity and computer use tracker, RescueTime.

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Recap of Los Angeles QS Meetups

I had the great pleasure of attending a QS meetup in Los Angeles this past weekend, hosted by Eric Blue. There was a great group there, 30 or so folks. One great comment in the introductions was from someone near the end of the circle saying, “This is totally blowing my mind!”

Eric has put together a compilation of slides and links from all five LA meetups so far. Here it is:

Show & Tells

  1. Ernesto Ramirez gave a presentation (My Bits of Fit) on his Fitbit data and activity patterns, including some great visualizations (Thanks to @chloester)!
  2. Marina gave a presentation on InsideTracker (bloodwork analysis & recommendation) and her own project for tracking Happiness – the Ultimate Answer
  3. Brian Dorsey gave a presentation on his product Work Food Out
  4. Eric’s presentation on location tracking and personal travel journal
  5. Eric’s personal device collection, along with other QS devices in the market, and future devices
  6. Eric’s personal project (TRAQS.me) for consolidating his Quantifed Self device data into a central dashboard

Other Links

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Next Weekend: BIL is on

Most of you have may have heard of TED or watched the talks online, but do you know about BIL, the quirky, populist, unconference option taking place nearby? Open to the public and fully participant powered, BIL features a wild mix of technologists, scientists, artists, and hackers.

Join the fun March 5-6th on the historic Queen Mary, docked in Long Beach. Expect to hear topics from Life Extension and Robotics to DIY biology, the future of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Open Hardware Hacking. This year, many members of local LA hackerspaces will participate, and you can hear about the exciting technologies being developed by these tinkerers.

To join this weekend of mind expanding discussion, sign up at http://www.bilconference.com/uncategorized/sign-up-for-bil-2011/

Thanks to Joseph Jackson for sending this in.

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Sleep Patterns by Artist Laurie Frick @ Edward Cella in LA

Over the summer at NYU’s ITP Camp for adults, I met the artist Laurie Frick who was making some breathtakingly beautiful sculptures and installations that looked a lot like our QS charts and spreadsheets. I encouraged Laurie to take a look at the data our community was producing.
In Laurie’s words, “I genuinely think there is something inherently comforting in the visual pattern of daily activities both, sleeping and waking.  I started using Ben Lipkowitz‘s daily activity charts, and then got hooked on tracking my sleep data as well.” She draws from neuroscience to construct intricately hand-built works and installations to explore the nature of pattern and the mind.
If you’re in LA, make plans to attend the opening reception on Saturday, February 12 from 6-8 at Edward Cella Art + Architecture or check out the work through April 2nd.
Laurie will also join us in May at our first Quantified Self Conference and will have lots of stories to share with us.
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