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QS Amsterdam 2017 Preview: A Year of Psilocybin Micro Dosing

Janet_NEW2Sub-Perceptual Psilocybin Dosing
I’ll share data from my 12+ month experiment with sub-perceptual doses of psilocybin for the purposes of increasing social skills through decreased anxiety and elevated mood, empathy, and verbal fluidity.

As the conference draws closer, we want to share a little about some of the exciting speakers you’ll see there. The conference program is built from the ground up with attendees submitting their projects and ideas when they register. It’s always fun to read about someone’s new self-tracking project or experiment, especially when it involves something we haven’t seen before. Today we’re going to begin our conference previews with an especially novel talk.

Janet Lai Chang is a businesswoman, endurance athlete and “Psychedelics Biohacker”. At QS Amsterdam, Janet will share the results of over a year’s worth of psilocybin microdosing on her mood, empathy and social interactions.

Because most academic funding comes from government entities, psychedelics are often taboo. Investigations into the mood-elevating and potentially therapeutic effects of compounds like psilocybin are slowly being published, but because research tends to average across individuals, subtle personal effects can wash out. Quantification of individual experiences are especially fascinating and valuable. Janet hopes that her experiments can promote both research and personal exploration to help “bridge the gap between the mutually exclusive worlds of work and life”.

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