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Brennan Moore on Poyozo

From the New York QS Show&Tell group: Brennan Moore, co-founder of Poyozo with Max Van Kleek, talks about his thoughts on using life tracking data to help people manage their lives. His vision is to build an automatic personal assistant that respects your time/attention and reminds, recommends, and filters things for you. Watch a demo of Poyozo in the video below, where data is automatically pulled in from all over the web, stored on your local client, and shown to you in the context of your day.

Brennan Moore – Poyozo from Steve Dean on Vimeo.

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Poyozo brings personal data “home”

Poyozo | Kickstarter from Brennan Moore on Vimeo.

Many of us are bothered by the conflict
between wanting to take advantage of web services for the management of
personal data and our desire to have all of this data on a local drive.
Poyozo is a new service that scrapes personal data and returns it

Also interesting is the pitch Poyozo is making. Why do
you want to have all your personal data stored locally, in an easily
queried database? Because your data contains information about yourself
that you want to know: thoughts you may have forgotten and patterns you
can’t see . Says Brennan Moore in the kickstarter video below, Poyozo
offers “automatic life tracking and simple visualizations you can use
every day.”

[Thanks @Pdarche
for the tip!]

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