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2014 QS Europe Conference: Show&Tell Talks

What did you do? How did you do it? What did you learn?

These are the three questions we ask people to answer in their Quantified Self Show&Tell talks. We’re thrilled to see the Show&Tell proposals coming in from registrants for the 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference, with topics ranging from blood glucose tracking to novel uses of spaced repetition for memory training. The current Show&Tell lineup is previewed below. We hope you can join us!

Understanding My Blood Glucose
Bob Troia
After learning he had an elevated risk for contracting Type 2 Diabetes, Bob starting tracking daily glucose measurements, exercise, diet, and supplements.

Connecting My Mind And Body
Juliana Chua
Juliana used data from activity, sleep, heart rate, and stress sensors to explore the effects of mindfulness on her physical condition.

Carbless in Seattle
Adrienne Andrew Slaughter
Trying out diets with different amounts of carbs, Adrienne saw unexpected effects on her athletic performance.

A Million Heartbeats
Crt Ahlin
Can a day of heart beat data be accurately represented with a simple curve, for establishing baselines and comparisons?

Retraining My Body With Electrical Nerve Stimulation
Sara Riggare
Sara’s self-tracking data convinced her to try using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation to address her most troublesome Parkinson’s symptom, “freezing-of-gait”.

Me and My Log
Cathal Gurrin
Cathal lifelogging data comes from a camera that takes a constant stream of photos, wherever he is.

Fit 50s Sound 60s
Maria Benet
Maria has been tracking for almost 10 years, developing strategies for improving and maintaining her health as she ages.

Optimizing Productivity
Brian Crain
After many productivity experiments, Brian finally made progress with the Pomodoro method in 2011. He’ll show his continuing experiments to increase his focus and productivity.

Memorizing My Daybook
Steven Jonas
Steven wanted to see what happened when he memorized entries from his daybook using spaced repetition.

A Goal for Each Month
Florian Schumacher
In the beginning of 2014 Florian set himself twelve goals, one per month. He’ll show data from the first three months.

A Testosterone and Diet Experiment
Maximilian Gotzler
Blood tests showed Max he had low levels of Vitamin D and Testosterone. Could diet changes help?

Analyzing Changes in My Weight and Sleep
Kouris Kalligas
Kouris spent thirty hours combining his multiple data streams into one place, and learned what influenced his weight and sleep.

Does Diet Affect My Sleep?
Denise Lorenz
Denise shows a year’s worth of data from her diet and sleep experiment and finds while food matters a little, other things matter more.

A Four Year Journal
Morris Villarroel
Morris links a detailed handwritten journal to quantitative analysis and visualization.

A Librarian in Numbers
Debbie Chaves
Academic librarians work in a complex environment. Debbie will describe how her tracking changed the way she worked.

A Lazy Workout
Justin Timmer
Does just squeezing your muscles make them stronger? Justin will talk about his experiments with an isometric training program.

We Never Fight On Wednesdays
Paul LaFontaine
Six months of tracking mood alongside events, time and people gave Paul some surprising lessons.

Meta-Effects of Happiness Tracking
Alex Tarling
How does asking yourself if you are happy change your happiness?

Science, Smell, Fashion
Jenny Tillotson
Jenny will tell a ‘science fashion’ story that introduces real-time biofeedback scent interventions as a means to complement orthodox treatments for chronic mental illness and to de-stigmatise mental health issues.

Lifelog as Self-Portrait
Cors Brinkman
Using automatic lifelogging and visualization software Cors is experimenting with putting his computer in charge of his creativity.

Washing My Eyelids
Steve Dean
Steve will demonstrate how he used self-tracking tools to get under atopic dermatitis.

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