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Answers to common questions we have received about QS Access.

I have data in healthkit, but it is not showing up in QS Access or is all zeroes. What is wrong?

Typically, this means that QS Access doesn’t have permission to read the data that you are trying to tabulate. QS Access asks for your permission the first time you make a table with a given quantity, but if you miss that opportunity you can grant permission in the iPhone settings app under “Privacy → Health → Access”. You should see switches for each of the quantities QS Access has tried to read, and you can switch on any that you want to tabulate.

How does QS Access handle date Formats?

If you open the table containing your HealthKit data that is provided by QS Access in a text editor, you can see the date format we use in its native form. Both Numbers and Excel parse these dates automatically, and display them in whatever format you choose. Excel and Numbers have many different ways to display dates, and date formats can be different for different columns, rows, or individual entries.

Does QS access provide a way to export all of the samples from HealthKit in one step?

No, but Apple’s health app has this facility built in. You can find it in the ‘all’ section of the health data:


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