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The 2013 Quantified Self Europe Conference Roundup


This past weekend we hosted the 2013 Quantified Self Europe Conference. Over 275 self-trackers, toolmakers, scientists, and enthusiasts came together to collaboratively learn about creating “self knowledge through numbers.” It was an amazing conference that featured over 100 different presentations that included insightful show&tell talks, thoughtful breakout discussions, rapid-fire Ignite talks, and inspirational plenary presentations.

We’re currently processing all the videos from the conference and will be posting those soon. Until then we thought it would be nice to highlight all the great posts, videos, and pictures that our community has been putting together to document their QS Europe Conference experience.

Blog Posts:
Don’t Life Log Me: Quantified Self 2013 in Amsterdam by Hans De Zwart.

The Great Memoto Experiment & Quantified Self Conference Recap by Kitty Ireland.

The Missing Trackers  & You, Me, Them: Who is the Quantified Self by Whitney Erin Boesel

Quantified Self Europe 2013 by Winslow Strong

The Quantified Self by Joerg Blumtritt

Quantified Self Europe 2013 Amsterdam by Yago Veith

Dreamboard at the QS Conference Europe 2013 by The Dreamboard Team

Memoto at the Quantified Self Europe 2013 by Niclas Johansson

See your self in Quantified Self Europe by Ian Forrester

Looking back on the QS Europe Conference by Iskander Smit

Intimacy, Innovation and Emotion: My 1st day at Quantified Self Europe 2013 by Clement Charles

Quantified Self Conference Europe 2013 breathing_time at the Quantified Self Conference by Danielle Roberts

My Learning from the Quantified Self Conference  by Oliver Kozak

5 Major Takeaways from the the Quantified Self Conference in Amsterdam by Mark Moschel



Our conference videos from the many different Show&Tell talks and our Plenary presentations are coming online. Look out for them on the conference video page.

In collaboration with Fast Moving Targets a few of our conference attendees were able to share their self-tracking stories and thoughts on Quantified Self:

Mikko Ikola: Soylent is a healthy menu of olive oil, pills and powders

David Reeves (Limeade): Self improvement leads to a happier workforce

Joshua Kauffman on Quantified Self, the movement and the trends

Winslow Strong: You don’t need to rely on a doctor anymore for measuring

David Hume (Discipline X Games): We make weight loss the rock n roll for middle aged men

Fu-Chieh Hsu (TrueSense Kit): Our brain is the most complex thing in the universe

Danielle Roberts: The focus in my art is on creating awareness.

Teemu Arina: Sharing data with a community is very motivating

Gustaf Kranck: I want to solve the mistery of the mind

Oliver Kozak: The joy of Quantified Self is learning about yourself

Giorgo Baresi (In The Flow): Now is the time to make Quantified Self mainstream

Ian Li (Google): Knowing the problem is the first step in fixing a problem

Yuri van Geest: We are at a Gutenberg moment of healthcare

Mark Leavitt: Data has power because it tells you a story

Nell Watson (Poikos): More data means more informed choices

Mark Kramer (Razorfish Healthware): Quantified Self improves communication

Ian Forrester (BBC): We research how personal data and storytelling can be combined

Daniel Gartenberg: 76% of people track something. At the moment I track my mood.

Hind Hobeika (Instabeat):Quantified Self can definitely be for everyone

Stuart Calimport: Aging can be overcome

Memoto logs your life in pictures

We had some amazing photographers among our attendees who have graciously placed their beautiful images in the 2013 Quantified Self Europe Flickr Group.

Also, check out these awesome mind maps from Wimme Klaver!


Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, spoke, shared, and made our conference an experience to remember. We can’t wait to see you all again!

Header image mashup courtesy of Sara Marie Watson, Yago Veith, Ian Forrester, and Rain Ashford



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Day One at the 2013 Quantified Self European Conference

This weekend we’re hosting over 275 wonderful people at the 2013 Quantified Self European Conference. So far it’s been an amazing gathering chock full on interesting talks, great conversations, and thoughtful discussion. There’s too much happening to properly summarize it all here, but we thought we’ld give you a little tast of what’s going on.

In collaboration with Fast Moving Targets a few of our conference attendees have been able to share their self-tracking stories and why they’re here.

Hans De Zwart has done a great job capturing his experience by somehow finding the time to write up a wonderfully detailed blog post on his first day at the conference. You can read that here.

Make sure to follow along with what’s going on by checking on the very active conference Twitter stream here.

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Announcing the 2013 Quantified Self Europe Conference Program


We are only a few short days away from the Quantified Self Europe 2013. These past few months have been a whirlwind of planning and organizing for all of us at QS Labs. This conference is programmed as a “carefully curated unconference.” That means that all of our sessions come from the conference attendees. We are happy to announce that we have more than 90 separate talks and discussions planned. This means that more than 30% of the attendees will be presenting in some way!

Feel free to browse our schedule and breakout sessions  or download a copy of the full program[pdf]. We’ll be posting videos and notes from the conference in the coming weeks so make sure to check back here!

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European Conference Preview: Breakout Sessions


At its core, Quantified Self is a community-driven effort to extract personal meaning from personal data. Our conferences reflect that by providing opportunities to learn what others are doing in their Quantified Self practice. Through our Show & Tell presentations you get to see first-hand accounts of how data is being collected and put to use in order to understand and investigate personal phenomena, but that’s not all our conference have to offer. In the spirit of collaborative learning we also schedule “Breakout Sessions” alongside our wonderful Show & Tell talks. These sessions, like all our conference programming, are developed and and facilitated by our wonderful attendees. Here’s a preview of just a few of the many fantastic Breakouts we have scheduled.

Title: The Self in Data
Breakout Leader: Sara Watson
Description: In my research on the QS community, I’ve found that we talk a lot about our technical requirements of data, and about how we want to use data. What we don’t often talk about is what it means to know ourselves through data. This breakout is an opportunity to discuss what data tells us about ourselves and how we relate to our data.

Title: On Sleep Tracking
Breakout Leader: Christel De Maeyer
Description: Does self-monitoring with devices like myZeo, Body Media create enough awareness and persuasion to change behavior and to maintain new habits? We would like to use this session to learn and share our experiences.

Title: Tracking breathing as a Unifying Experience
Breakout Leader: Danielle Roberts
Description: During this session we can exchange experiences on the tracking of respiration and tracking and visualising of life group data in general. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in a demo using custom breath tracking wearables and real time visualisation of breath data.

Title: Activity trackers
Breakout Leader: Michael Kazarnowicz
Description: We’ll take a look at the most common activity trackers on the market today. We will look at the trackers (maybe even play around with them hands-on) and compare the functions and the data you can get from them.

Title: QS as a Catalyst for Learning?
Breakout Leader: Hans de Zwart
Description: In this session we will explore whether quantifying yourself can act as a catalyst for learning. Can it speed up the learning process? Can it help us in achieving the holy grail of learning, a personalized tutor? What perverse effects might it have in the context of learning?

The Quantified Self European Conference will be held in Amsterdam on May 11th & 12th. Registration is now open. As with all our conferences our speakers are members of the community. We hope to see you there!

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Cathal Gurrin: Seven Years of Lifelogging


Lifelogging is somewhat of a hot topic these days. With the soft release of Google Glass, the crowdfunding success of personal logging cameras like Memoto, and the release of numerous technology-enabled auto diaries it should be no surprise that Lifelogging is a one of the core themes of our upcoming Quantified Self Europe Conference. We’re looking forward to collaboratively exploring how lifelogging fits into our personal and social contexts and we’re excited to welcome an excellent group of speakers on this topic.

CathalGCathal Gurrin is a lecturer at the School of Computing, at Dublin City University, Ireland and he is an investigator at the CLARITY Centre for Sensor Web Technologies. Cathal is really a ‘hands-on’ researcher, so since June 2006, he has ‘lived his research’ and worn various sensing devices during waking hours. He has amassed a huge archive of 14 million wearable camera photos, weeks of video, sound samples and various other sensors such as location, movement, and nearby people. His research team is exploring how they can develop quantified self and lifelogging technologies that can have positive benefits in the real-world, with an initial focus on personalised healthcare and digital diaries.


One example of this work is the ‘Colour of Life’ wall. The Colour of Life wall is a touchscreen visualisation that plots a two dimensional view of a person’s life experience, in terms of colours encountered (imagine a 1 pixel camera), on a large video display wall. It is captured by wearable cameras configured to take about 2 photos per minute. The interface allows clustering of life events across weeks, months or even years. The colours displayed have a unique meaning to the camera wearer, for example, at a glance at the wall can show time periods when the wearer spent too long in the office or driving to work.

We’re excited to have Cathal at the conference where he will be sharing what he has learned during the last seven years of his personal lifelogging experiment. He will also show some of the new technologies his team are working on and will share his understanding of the likely potential pathways that this work of lifelogging will need to take in order to reach widespread use.

The Quantified Self European Conference will be held in Amsterdam on May 11th & 12th. Registration is now open. As with all our conferences our speakers are members of the community. We hope to see you there!

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Steven Jonas: Tracking My Stress

We are only four short weeks away from hosting our second Quantified Self European Conference and our excitement is building as we receive more previews of the talks and presentations we’ll be hosting. As you can probably guess, putting on a conference can be a stressful endeavor. Luckily stress tracking and management has been the focus of many different Quantified Self tools and experiments. There are no shortage of interesting methods for tracking both the physiological and psychological manifestations of stress and many more are probably on the horizon. More interesting, and of great interest to us within the QS community, is what is possible once stress becomes trackable and understandable.

Steve JonasSteven Jonas, a data analyst and organizer for the QS Portland meetup, will be giving a Show & Tell talk about his experiences with tracking stress at our upcoming conference. Having started with tracking his sleep in 2005, Steven has gone on to engage with multiple tracking projects including his experience with knowledge tracking and spaced repetition.

He’s been tracking his stress levels using the Emwave2, a neat tool for tracking and visualizing heart rate variability, for quite a while. Steven has taken his stress/HRV tracking beyond just intermittent testing and has experimented with hooking up his EmWave2 to his computer while working and installed software to alert him when it detect periods of stress. You can watch his previous talk about this process here.

This may seem like overkill to some. You might be saying, “Of course work is related to stress! What possibly could he hope to find out?” The beauty here lies in the unexpected and interesting findings that creep to the surface when multiple data streams are integrated. In this Show & Tell talk Steven will be explaining how this constant monitoring helped him understand how particular behaviors acted as triggers and how he could manage those triggers in order to reduce and defuse stress.

Low-level, seemingly mild stress still drains my energy, and many of my behaviors and things that I avoid are related to this stress. I developed a new ‘stress sense’, separate from the tool, that helped me see where my life was being affected by stress.

I hope you’ll join us at the conference to learn from Steven’s experience and take part in what is sure to be a great discussion!

The Quantified Self European Conference will be held in Amsterdam on May 11th & 12th. Registration is now open. As with all our conferences our speakers are members of the community. If you’re attending the conference and want to present your self-tracking project please let us know.


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