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Jobs & Internships with QS Labs

QS Labs is growing. If you share our interest in “self-knowledge through numbers” and enjoy working with a talented and experienced team both in person and remotely, please look at the open job and internships listed below. To apply, send a cover letter and resume/cv to labs@quantifiedself.com. Please include your salary requirements. If you want to work with us, but don’t see a specific job listed, feel free to get in touch. We welcome questions and referrals.

Community & Communications Intern

We’re looking for a great Community & Communications intern to help us engage with our worldwide Quantified Self community through in-person events, regular online communication, and ongoing research activities. This is a great job for somebody who believes in the QS mission, and is eager to gain experience building engagement in Bay Area cultural and technical communities.

Full job description for the Community and Communications Intern

About Quantified Self Labs
Quantified Self Labs is a California-based company founded by Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly that serves the Quantified Self user community worldwide. Our mission is to inspire meaningful discoveries about ourselves and our communities that are grounded in accurate observation and enlivened by a spirit of friendship. We produce international meetings, conferences and expositions, community forums, web content and services, and guides to self-tracking ideas, methods, and tools.  We’re committed to creating a diverse and open work environment.

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Welcome Steven Jonas


Today we are excited and honored to announce that Steven Jonas has joined QS Labs as our Senior Editor/Information Architect. As has been the case with previous additions to QS Labs, we welcome Steven as a friend and fellow community member. Steven serves as a co-organizer of the Portland QS meetup group, and has participated as our speaker coordinator for our past two conferences.

In addition to his work supporting our global QS community, Steven is an active self-tracker, having engaged in many different projects. We’ve been delighted to highlight a few of those here on the QS website. We invite you to welcome Steven and get to know him a bit by exploring the posts linked below.

Memorizing my Daybook
Tracking Stress
Stress Out Loud

Photo by Mark Krynsky

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Welcome Robert Lynde!

Gary, Ernesto, Alex, and Robert at a recent QS meetup in San Francisco

Running Quantified Self Labs, the organization that supports and coordinates fun QS events and communities around the world, takes funding. We’re very grateful to have generous sponsors that believe in the movement we’re nurturing and want to help make it blossom. And now we’re excited to announce that Robert Lynde is joining Gary, Ernesto, and I, to keep the magic going.

Robert is a long-time runner with a passion for self-tracking, a wonderful heart, and an inspiration to disrupt health care. He’s also the Deputy Director of the MiraiBio Group of Hitachi Solutions America. As our new Sponsorship Facilitator, Robert will be helping to support and recruit sponsors so that we can expand our QS activities worldwide and do some special things around the upcoming conference in September.

Welcome, Robert!

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Welcome Ernesto Ramirez!

Anyone who has presented their work at a Quantified Self conference will already know the amazing Ernesto Ramirez. Ernesto is a doctoral student at UC San Diego’s Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems, a leader of the San Diego QS Show&Tell meetup group, a regular blogger here, and a positive force inspiring people to live healthy lives. We are excited to announce that Ernesto has agreed to join us at QS Labs to share his goodness.

As our new Community Organizer, Ernesto will be helping to support new and existing QS Show&Tell meetups around the world, exploring social media channels to engage and cross-pollinate the global QS community, writing a “QS 101″ series to guide people new to self-tracking, and generally helping to keep our collaborative, listening culture strong.

You can expect to see and hear more from Ernesto in the coming months. He is also @e_ramirez on Twitter and Ernesto Ramirez on Google+.

Welcome, Ernesto!

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Why you are not gonna reach our telephone

This is the first of a series of posts to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at Quantified Self Labs, for a bit of flavor on how we work.

In case you’re thinking about it, it’s best not to try to reach us by phone or ask us to schedule a call. It’s nothing personal, and we’d love to hear from you! We just don’t use phones unless absolutely necessary (and I don’t use phones even then).

So how do we get things done? First of all, email and Google Docs can go a long way, and are usually sufficient to make progress on most things.

If a real-time conversation really needs to happen, Google chat works surprisingly well for 2-, 3-, or 4- person chats. It’s fast and clear, everyone can talk and think at the same time, and you have a helpful transcript of the chat when you’re done.

Phone calls are low-bandwidth, often hard to understand because of poor reception, and if there are more than 2 people involved, you can be pretty sure the others are checking Twitter instead of listening.

Chatting takes a bit of getting used to for some people, but they usually get the hang of it pretty quickly and are surprised to learn how much smoother it is. We’ve even converted some die-hard phone people to chatters! And we feel much more peaceful and happy working without phones. So if you ever send us a note and ask us when we can schedule a phone call, please don’t be upset or confused when we say: “we don’t use phones.” Consider yourself part of an experiment in making collaboration more effective and pleasurable.

(Thanks to Craigslist for partially inspiring this idea, and thanks to h_k_d for the beautiful picture.)

In future Lab Notes posts, I’ll write about how and why we minimize meetings and presentations, how we keep our finances super lean, and why we’re very gentle with ourselves. Anything else you want to know about QS Labs? Feel free to ask in the comments below.

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