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Here are some selected mentions of Quantified Self in the press.

Economist – May 3, 2012

Counting every moment

“As populations age and health-care costs increase, there is likely to be a greater emphasis on monitoring, prevention and maintaining “wellness” in future, with patients taking a more active role… Self-tracking may look geeky now, but the same was once true of e-mail. And what geeks do today, the rest of us often end up doing tomorrow.”


MIT Technology Review – July/August 2011

The Measured Life

“In meetings held all over the world, self-trackers discuss how they use a combination of traditional spreadsheets, an expanding selection of smart-phone apps, and various consumer and custom-built devices to monitor patterns of food intake, sleep, fatigue, mood, and heart rate… The problems self-tracking tries to solve are important to everyone’s life: “How to eat, how to sleep, how to learn, how to work, how to be happy.””


Fast Company – May 1, 2010

Our Bodies, Our Quantified Selves

“The data generated by this micro-physics of the everyday has the potential to create unprecedented, massive databases available for projects from a dizzying array of fields. Imagine what researchers studying disease epidemiology might do with this information, or anthropologists exploring changing social patterns within the digital proletariat. It’s likely that these self-organizing databases will unearth discoveries that were unimaginable before.”


New York Times – April 28, 2010

The Data-Driven Life

“Trackers focused on their health want to ensure that their medical practitioners don’t miss the particulars of their condition; trackers who record their mental states are often trying to find their own way to personal fulfillment amid the seductions of marketing and the errors of common opinion; fitness trackers are trying to tune their training regimes to their own body types and competitive goals, but they are also looking to understand their strengths and weaknesses, to uncover potential they didn’t know they had. Self-tracking, in this way, is not really a tool of optimization but of discovery.”


Wired – June 22, 2009

Know Thyself: Tracking Every Facet of Life, from Sleep to Mood to Pain, 24/7/365

“The excitement in the self-tracking movement right now comes not just from the lure of learning things from one’s own numbers but also from the promise of contributing to a new type of knowledge, using this tool we all build.”


Forbes – December 3, 2011

How Ordinary People Are Taking Control of Their Health Data

“Citizen Science, Quantified Self, and DIY biology are three emerging movements that are intersecting to produce research, data, and clinical studies outside the walls of traditional research.”


Wired Gadget Lab – February 9, 2012

Your Body Is an API: 9 Gadgets for Tracking Health and Fitness

“The “quantified self“: It’s a lifestyle philosophy that says tracking one’s own personal data — calories burned, hours slept, miles run — is the path to self-realization.”


Time Magazine – March 6, 2011

My Body, My Laboratory

“That is what draws those who experiment on themselves to the edge — a restless curiosity coupled with the possibility of doing real good. We should be grateful that there have been such folks in the past and hopeful that there will be some in the future.”


One Response to Quantified Self Press

  1. I some something about this organisation on Dutch TV.
    I see no phone number of Email-adres.
    This form took me quite some time finding.
    The “about us” was not very helpful.
    Is this an American or a Dutch organisation?
    Is the an office or is everything virtual?
    Who took the initiative?
    How much sponsoring? Also from governments?
    How many people work in this organisation?
    Who is your representative in The Netherlands?
    Awaiting your reply,
    best regards,
    Ton Smit
    editor-in-chief Qure

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