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Akshay Patil: Better Relationships Through Technology

“There was nothing in my life pushing me to to have these more intimate relationships, the few people I actually care about.”

When Akshay Patil was putting together the guest list for his wedding he realized that it had been a long time since he’d spoken with some of the the people he was inviting. Even with his good friends, he surprised by his lack of communication, his inability to stay connected. As anyone faced with this realization he decided to try and change, but the realities of life quickly crept back and as they say, old habits die hard. When he left his last job and began looking for projects to work on, this troubling area of his life crept back to the fore. Maybe there was something he could do better track and change his communication and relationships. Using his development skills, and the ability to gather data from his Android phone, he decided to build a system that helped him stay in touch with the people that mattered most to him. In this talk, presented at the New York QS meetup group, Akshay talks about what’s he’s learned from using this app, including when it fails.

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Bryan Bishop on meetlog

Bryan Bishop tracks every social interaction he has with anyone, in person, on the phone, and online – and he’s been doing this since 2005. He discovered that he talks 60% of the time, and mostly interacts with people online. Also, the more people he talks to, the more lines of code he writes! Bryan has thousands of friends, and he wanted an easier way to update all of them about his life, so he developed a way to automatically compile emails to all of his contacts based on their tags of interest. Check out his excellent, data-driven talk below. (Filmed at the Bay Area QS Show&Tell Meetup #19 at Singularity University.)

Bryan Bishop – meetlog from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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Gary Krane on Relationship Technologies

Can you quantify love? Gary Krane wants to help couples have happier, stronger relationships. He is starting CoupleSpace as a lightweight version of couples therapy, for the noble goal of creating more love in the world. He has identified 26 needs for long, happy relationships, which are quantified as you use the app. CoupleSpace is currently looking for an engineer and a designer to finish up their beta. In the video below, Gary points out, “Love is an action, not a feeling.” (Filmed at the NY Quantified Self Show&Tell #12 at ApK Media.)

Gary Krane – Relationship Technologies from Steven Dean on Vimeo.

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Jamal Quazi on Data-Based Dating

A self-described “nerd,” Jamal has been dating for the past two years, and started trying to use data to answer the question, “how do you know if someone is right for you?” He built a model, quantified how well women that he dated matched up to his checklist of ideal characteristics, and decided to limit his criteria for expanded possibility. Watch Jamal’s video below for more fun, quantified relationship insights. (Filmed at the Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup on 3/24/11 at TechShop.)


Jamal Quazi Data Based Dating from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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To see ourselves as others see us

Self-tracking is about self knowledge. But what if the knowledge you want is contained in the minds of others? Here are two recent videos from the last QS Show&Tell that bear on this question.

 We unfortunately didn’t capture the lovely talk Joe Betts-LaCroix and Lisa Betts-LaCroix gave at the recent QS on self-tracking in a relationship, but the Q&A is here, and it includes some really thoughtful questions and discussion, including Joe’s description of his simple web interface to Google docs, Lisa’s description of her analog self-tracking method, and an intriguing mention of social tracking, following up a suggestion by Paul Sas. (See below)

In this next video, Paul Sas tells a hilarious anecdote about suddendly catching a glimpse of himself through the eyes of another person, which leads to his proposal for a “dynamical dinner party.” Within a few minutes after the talks ended, he had his volunteers.

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