Self-Tracking Links

Check out the new Quantified Self Complete Guide to Self-Tracking!

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  2. This is a great project! I like the many news tools that are becoming available. I participated in projects almost 40 years ago that were based on public posting increasing desired behavior.

  3. Nathan Lands says:

    Could you post the links that were on here again or email them to me? Was using for research but now they’re all gone! :P

  4. Rex Stock says:

    My partner and I co-founded a company that uses video modeling and, soon, video self modeling to help people initiate change in their lives…

    We know that the tenets of what The Quantified Self group(s) speaks to are inherent elements necessary to create new habits…

    Tell me more, tell me more. I had no idea there were so many of “us”…

  5. Violet Burch says:

    I want a no or low cost way to track my mood.

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  12. Steve says:

    @Violet – that would be a nice tool.

    Alexandra – did those links ever get posted?

    Webmaster – Diverticulitis Symptoms

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  15. Rex Stock says:

    Helpuchange. We took down the part of our site that offered video modeling, and we hope to be able to announce our new version pretty soon. We’re going top shelf, at least that’s the plan! :0) Are you interested in behavior modification stuff? Rex

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