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We like Sparktweets. A Sparktweet is a data visualization fashioned in the likeness of the Sparkline invented – or at least noticed and named – by Edward Tufte.* We like Sparktweets because they allow us to “speak data.” Would you like to try it? Just copy your data into the open field, and click the tweet button to share it.


Enter Your Data: (Non-numeric text is ignored.)
Click here to tweet your data:
Max Value: (Optional)

The QS Sparktweet tool was made by our friend and collaborator Stan James. Thanks Stan!

*Sparkline theory and practice by Edward Tufte; sparktweets by Zach Seward; Twitter Sparkline Generator! by Alex Kerin

13 Responses to Make a Sparktweet

  1. Jon Cousins says:

    Love the idea and thanks for creating and sharing. On a Mac with Safari I’m seeing some of the sparkline’s bars dropping below the x-axis in the Tweet itself. Is it the same for others?

  2. Love this! Tweeted my Everylog mood log for the last ten days – warning all to avoid me on the big dips, which are now easily broadcast.

  3. Greg says:

    Is there a way to embed this tool on my site? I’ve had a torrid time with using hosted tools that the source site decides to abandon and let die. Thanks!

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  6. David Joerg says:

    Hi, to fix the twitter problem, you’ve gotta exclude unicode 9604 and 9608. Back in 2011 I had a webpage up similar to this one that solved the problem. If you let me at your source code I’ll fix it for you.

    Here’s my code:

  7. David Joerg says:

    Actually I’ll fix your javascript for you, just let me know that you’re interested in getting it fixed and I’ll put it together for you.

  8. Joy says:

    This is super cool for teachers to use with middle school students. I am planning to show teachers at this year’s Roadmap to STEM conference in Sheridan, WY. Thanks

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