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Quantified Self Public Health: Stephen Downs on Building a Culture of Health

[Editor's Note] This May we hosted our second Quantified Self Public Health Symposium in San Diego at the University of California, San Diego. With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation we brought together 150 researchers, toolmakers, individuals from government institutes, and science leadership. During the meeting we had multiple conversations, talks, and show&tells that helped guide our QS Access mission – to understand and improve personal data access for person and public health. Today we’re excited to start posting videos from that meeting. If you’re inspired by what you see here and want to help us raise the conversation surrounding personal data access we invite you to get in touch and follow along on Medium and here on the QS website. 

Stephen Downs, Chief Technology and Information Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation looks forward to the day when healthy choices are easy choices. That day may not be tomorrow, but identifying the early adopters, innovative thinkers, and technological disruptors are at the forefront of moving us one step closer to that healthier world. For Stephen and the Foundation, building a culture of health includes “engaging sectors that are not nominally about health.” In his presentation to the Quantified Self Public Health Symposium, Stephen shares how groups within education, community development, technology, and more have a key role to play in improving the state of our health, and health care.

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