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The Computational Quantified Self: A Q&A with Stephen Wolfram

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Stephen Wolfram, Keystroke Logger

In an interview for New Scientist, mathematician Stephen Wolfram says:


“I’m an information pack rat,” he confesses. Recording our interview is just the tip of his peculiar obsession with documenting every moment of his life. “I have a keystroke logger that has collected my every keystroke for the last 22 years,” he says. “Every day I get an email that tells me how many keystrokes I typed the previous day into each application. I find it slightly interesting.” He shrugs off my suggestion that it’s a way of securing his immortality; he believes that soon everyone will be doing it.

I agree. Soon many people will be logging all their messages, either text, phone, email, or gestures and using them to recall and share with others. It won’t seem strange at all.  Strange will be those who opt out of life-logging — at great expense and effort.

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