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QS on Brazilian TV

Here’s a video clip on health tracking from RedeTV!, one of Brazil’s biggest TV stations. Steven Dean, organizer of the New York QS Show&Tell meetup group, gives a great overview of some tools he uses to track his health, and a Brazilian doctor weighs in with his perspective on the benefit to patients. It’s in Portuguese with a bit of English. Go Steve!

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Spotlight: Steven Dean of QS New York


Here’s a new Friday experiment. We thought it would be fun to hear from QS thought leaders and spotlight innovative people. 
Today we’re talking to Steve Dean, organizer of the Quantified Self Show&Tell meetups in New York City. Thanks, Steve!
How did you first hear about the Quantified Self?

In August, 2008 I learned about QS on Seth Roberts’ blog after reading one of his many fascinating posts on self-experimentation. 

I live in NYC but at the time was traveling to the Bay Area to work on a new project that had lots to do with logging and tracking health behaviors. So, I was naturally very curious to see what Gary and Kevin were up to.

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