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Tidings: QS Stockholm Show&Tell

On October 23rd, the QS Stockholm meetup group meetup collaborated with the Bionyfiken, a Swedish biohacking meetup, to host a meeting at the Karolinska Institute. We’re happy to share a recap from Mina Makar and Dina Titkova, a member and co-organizers of QS Stockholm . 


The meetup was conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere starting with a small introduction by the organizers followed by a short video of Gary Wolf introducing Quantified Self. We then had a few presentations from our group members.

Tina Zhu is a PhD student at KTH with focusing on Biofeedback. She talked about her interesting project of visualizing self-tracking data in the form of a fish in an aquarium. It was very interesting to see such data representation being taken to another level which could be easier for some to accept, understand, and interact with. Learn more about her work here: http://bodyandnature.wordpress.com/

Glenn Bilby is an experienced sport medicine specialist then took the audience on a journey of all the gadgets that he has been using over the last 20 years to keep track of his different activities. During his presentation, Glenn discussed different topics related to how to use the data generated from the different devices and concluded that there is still much to be done when it comes to adding more meaning to the data.

Fredrik Bränström and Tom Everitt started a very interesting platform using a new algorithm to visualize data and highlight links between variables. This method is designed to give users a different perspective on how their daily activities are associated to each other. Their platform is available for testing here: www.kaus.se.

Sina Amoor Pour  presented his reflections on what biofeedback and biohacking are and background on the Bionyfiken group.

Chai demonstrated how different chips could be implemented into the human body in order to perform different activities. He spoke about the wide range of applications for such chips ranging from starting your own car or bike.

If you’re based in Sweden, don’t miss the upcoming QS Stockholm meetups for more inspiration and ideas.



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QS Worldwide

A big part of what we do here at Quantified Self is support and promote our amazing meetup groups around the world. We have a wonderful network of meetups  in over 70 cities in more than 15 countries around the world. We wouldn’t be able to post all the great videos and articles here on the Quantified Self website if it wasn’t for the meetup organizers and attendees coming together to share and learn about self-tracking and self-experimentation in warm and open environments.

Today we just wanted to highlight a few of the most recent meetups from around the world!

QS Berlin 


QS Toronto

QS Stockholm


 QS Syndey


QS Bay Area


We have another exciting week of meetups coming up with events in Seattle, Stockholm, Phoenix, and Singapore. If you don’t have a meetup in your community and want to learn more about how to start one just let us know!




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